Kate Moss for LV...

  1. What do you think? These are for Fall 06
    She doesn't ever change does she? Lucky girl!

  2. I like those! They have that funky chic look I like so much-any clue what they cost?
  3. kate moss could sell garbage bags in an add and still look stunning
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but didnt Kate Moss have a problem with cocaine?
  5. I haven't heard anything about that at ALL.
  6. Yep. Still gorgeous though :yes:
    It was last year. She was photographed cutting lines in her boyfriends studio. Several design houses dropped her from their ad campaigns including Burberry. I did hear yesterday that they have signed her back on.

    Not sure if I like those bags. :hrmm:
  7. Well I guess thats in the past. She is still beautiful
  8. well if you've got to do cocaine what better way to take it along:roflmfao:
  9. LOVE Kate:love:, HATE the bags:yucky:!
  10. I should not be laughing at this but I am:lol:
  11. Not too keen on the LVs but Kate's back! And looking great there.
  12. Kate is very pretty and the add is rather cool, but I am not a fan of the bags.
  13. yup! but in that industry, who doesn't? the media was just love to have her on the news. she sells!
    and love those bag, but i have a hunch that i wouldn't afford it :P
  14. i love kate, but do you guys begin to feel, her face is everywhere now? (its a good thing though)

    i despise the bags though, looks like LION KING met LOUIS VUITTON
  15. Loving Kate, I forgot about the whole coke whore thing. LOL
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