Kate Moss' bag?

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  1. The picture is really small - I'm not sure how to enlarge it. It came from an article on what Chanel bags people are wearing. The author named every bag except this - just described it as a "quilted tote from the year-round collection." Looks like the photo is about 2 years old.
    Can anyone tell me what it is? Thanks!
  2. It looks like the petit timeless tote, with the zipper closer in beige.
  3. Yep^^
  4. yes, and still avail. in black and beige
  5. I agree but it looks so overloaded:wtf:
  6. Agree with Cyprus. What did she stuff in there? I would never do that to any of my beloved handbags especially Chanels.
  7. No wonder I couldn't recognize it:smile: I thought it was a quilted bowler of some sort. Thanks, ladies!
  8. i want the style # of this beauty please? with beige color code?
    any idea??

  9. pretty pleeease ...
  10. I want that bag too, does anyone know if it comes in Lambskin?
  11. i believe kate's bag is distressed lambskin. this was a special model that came out for cruise a few years ago -- it is not currently available. it was very hard to find and the only one boutique that had it was honolulu. i ended up not keeping it because the leather and color made it too delicate for me.