Kate Middletons wedges

  1. I heard they're true to size. I got the taupe but i'm debating if I should get the black too. I just got a pair of black Lanvin espadrilles and they're almost identical. but the Lanvins have a darker wedge and are double the price. Was thinking of returning Lanvins and getting these. What do you think?
  2. I say go for these! :smile: Just going by price alone, I would go for the Maddox. I don't think you'll be compromising on quality either, my cousin ordered a pair of wedges from the website and they're gorgeous.
  3. Alright! Tell me which pair you decide on :amuse:
  4. ^^Will do! :hugs:
  5. I love these shoes! I am a size 6-1/2 US, so should I go for the size 37? I hope to god they fit -- the international shipping charge is 45 pounds!!
  6. I 'm a size 5 so I got a 36. These are closed toe shoes so I would rather get a bigger pair and put insoles instead. I know. the shipping charges are ridiculous! I sent my pair to my brothe in Scotland. Saved myself some moolah
  7. Thanks for the information! Great idea to send them to your brother. My in-laws live in Wales and I thought of sending them to their address, but my MIL is nosey and I know she would look at the receipt and see how much thy cost (and make snide comments about it)!....
  8. I thought that the shoe Kate Middleton was wearing used to be called the Greta and was going to be renamed the Kate.

    The Maddox shoe does not have the slight raffia platform in the front that the shoe Kate was wearing does. The Maddox seems to be more flat on the ground in the front.
  9. ^Agreed. The Maddox is definitely not the shoe Kate Middleton is wearing (which as correctly stated is the Greta). The Greta was a resort shoe that was no longer in stores around the time of the Royal Wedding (I assume Kate bought hers sometime in March). Maddox lacks the slight platform and has a rounder toe box compared to the Greta.

    For what it's worth, Zara produced a very similar shoe recently and the Lanvin espadrille which is now on sale is around the same price as the Maddox.
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  11. I just bought the Zara version yesterday:

  12. It was cute.
  13. Nope - in store. They don't have online sales in the US yet :sad:
  14. I just ordered two pairs of the Maddox wedge from the chicago store: 1 in coral and 1 in the turquoise. I typically wear a 8.5 but the store said this shoe only comes in whole sizes. They suggested the 39 and they shoes fit well. My only complaint is the toe box is very short for the last two toes (if that makes sense). I am wearing mine in the house to see if they continue to squeeze. Fingers crossed my little toes can make it work! In person the shoes are stunning. The colors are rich, the patent leather is shiny, and they make your legs look fab!