Kate Middleton's Mulberry fuschia Araline bag

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  1. Does anyone have a pic of her with this bag? I remember seeing her with it loads last summer and thinking how lovely it was. Anyway my fiance's mum has bought it for me but I haven't got it yet. I was wondering if anyone had any pics of her with it? I would love to see!

    Also, I am in the process of selling my Chloe tan paddington as decided it was a bit of a trend and I am not totally loving it anymore. I am undecided as to whether to get an oak Bayswater or Roxy. I have owned both these bags before and each time I had one, I wanted the other one. My mum says she thinks the Bayswater looks like a briefcase and she doesn't like it. I do like it though, I just think if I get it I will not regret not getting the Roxy as I think that is the bag Mulberry is best known for. Although I found the Bayswater easier to carry. Totally at a loss!
  2. Here's some of Kate with the Araline....well the first two you just see the tassles poking out......also Kate has a vintage duck egg blue scotchgrain Mulberry Hellier.





  3. Wow, she's really pretty, and she has the BEST hair! OT, but I'm totally jealous now, time for me to get to the gym and book and appointment with a stylist.
  4. Thanks, where did you find them?
  5. That Araline is gorgeous.

    One day, when I win the lottery, I'm going to have a rack of Aralines in all the colours of the rainbow.

    Including the purple snakeskin one I saw at Bicester a couple of weeks ago :drool:
  6. Oh it looks great on her! I have the fuschia one too :yahoo:
  7. What is the colour on the underside of the tassels on the fuschia? Also, I was in St Albans today and a store there had two aralines, one in red and another in green colour, the red one was lined in mulberry print fabric and had a pocket inside and the green one was lined in plain cream canvas with no pocket. Does anyone know how he fuschia one is lined?
  8. I find the strap on my Araline dings into my shoulder. Does anyone else find this, or is it just me?
  9. I find the araline very comfortable to use, have you tried adjusting the straps agirlinwinter? so that the knot is further down?
  10. Mine's comfy, too... probably because it doesn't weigh 7 tonnes, like my other bags :p

    I've arranged the handles so that the knot is at the back and hangs down my shoulder, not at the top, if that makes any sense.

    rosie - what store in St Albans sells Mulberry? I haven't been for a while but used to go quite often for the odd bit of shopping & lunch :wlae:
  11. Oh good idea. Would it be possible to post a pic so I can see how you've arranged the knot?
  12. Sure, I'll post a pic tomorrow.

    I didn't have to re-tie the knot - the whole woven strap seems to be in a big loop so I just had to pull & feed through, if that makes any sense.
  13. Thanks. I fiddled about with the strap last night and I managed to edgethe knot down towards the back, so I am hoping it will dig in less.
  14. Color on the underside of the tassels is black or very dark brown, I can't say for sure.
    It's lined with chocoloate brown canvas and no pocket.

  15. Is the tassels go a bit screwed up, is there any way to straighten them out? Could you iron them with a towel on top?