kate middleton

  1. do you guys think that kate middleton - prince william's main squueeze - is pretty? papers make out as though she gorgeous. great bod, but face looks a bit worn...
  2. I think she is very pretty and extremly classy!
  3. Pretty in a simple way.
  4. I don't think she is drop dead gorgeous! But she does look classy! I think she is ok.
  5. I'd describe her as a classic, classy beauty. She looks effortlessy and naturally pretty all the time!
  6. She is quite normal looking, but yes very pretty. Very pretty normal looking.
    She's like a typical "girl next door".
  7. ITA! They're an adorable couple too...I hope they make it official some day :wlae:
  8. that's how i think of her too.
  9. I think she is a try hard, she wears the most awful frumpy clothes, she is trying so hard to look 'the part' it is pathetic. She is not from that sort of family at all, I do not think she is that pretty either and do not know why everyone is pushing for William to marry her, he should not get tied down so young!
  10. She is attractive, but not gorgeous by any means. I would say somewhat cute.
  11. I too think she's pretty...the Prince and her make a fabulous looking couple:idea:
  12. I think it's quite refreshing that William, being THE MOST eligible bachelor in the world, chose Kate who is very "girl next door" when he could have chosen any trophy bimbo. I also think she's very elegant, classy, effortlessly chic ~ reminiscent of Jacqueline Bouvier.

    As for her not being from "that sort of family", that's great. England's royal family needs to quit with the inbreeding. :yucky:
  13. very pretty!
  14. I think are two kinds of women:

    Women who are 'hot,' meaning, popular right now, but probably not in about five years from now. They'd be the ones in Maxim magazine, but could never do runway work or couture.

    Women who are 'beautiful.' Women who have that classic, timeless beauty. Some of those women could do haute couture. But they all can do things other than girlie magazines.

    Kate Middleton falls into the Beautiful category.

    I see certain pictures of her, and I could totally see her in a Ralph Lauren ad.
  15. her? meh.