Kate Middleton

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  1. They are sold out because the looks were posted in 2007.
  2. wow I never realized Prince William is that tall.
  3. Well then someone needs to update the style book!
  4. Yup, she is a tall girl. I am 5'9'' and only wear flats, ever, because heels make me feel too tall and kittens are hard to find... I can completely understand why she would avoid wearing heels wherever possible.

    Also, wearing high heels during the day or an an informal event is actually, strictly speaking, a faux pas. High heels (above 4'' or so) are strictly for cocktail and formal wear. Errands, lunch dates and everyday appointments call for low or kitten heels.

    I know Americans and many Brits have been raised differently, and things like this are considered outdated, but royal families still follow old-school aristocratic protocol.
  5. And, there isn't anything wrong with that! All part of the royal mystique that I adore.
  6. wow I didn't realize she was that tall. I also would have guessed 5'4.
  7. I think she looks too thin here..and I'm not usually one to say that about other women
  8. Well there have been plenty of rumors about her losing weight. Honestly I would not want to be in her shoes.
    From now on, she'll never be able to get it right, there'll always be someone complaining loudly about what she does or wears. She'll need a good support system to survive.
  9. I love Kate's style. She's perfect for William. And I can't wait until the wedding either!

    I remember getting up in the middle of the night (USA) to watch Frumpy Charles and Lady Diana Spencer get married.
  10. I wouldn't wish to be in her shoes either!

    I saw a picture of her in a swimsuit on a yacht in some gossip magazine the other day and she looked pretty good. I'm not really a fan of her style, but she's a cute girl.
  11. Thank you! I wish people would realize this before calling her style frumpy grandma etc.
  12. ^^What is that link? It is taking me to a foreign page.
  13. Kate out in London

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