Kate Middleton offered fashion job in New York, With Tom Ford

  1. By KATIE NICHOLL -29th April 2007

    With her every move being scrutinised, Kate Middleton cannot be blamed for wanting some time out.
    Now, in a move that signals she is getting on with her life without Prince William, she is said to be considering leaving the UK for the States to escape the limelight.
    The 25-year-old, left, has told her mother Carole and sister Pippa that she is contemplating a temporary move to America, where, apparently, there is an offer of work for her with designer Tom Ford in New York.


    FASHION FOLLOWER: Kate has been offered a job with designer Tom Ford in New York. She is dissatisfied with her current job and has talked about leaving the UK
    • ‘The rumour is that Kate might be some sort of consultant or public relations person,’ says a source.
    Kate has already told friends she is dissatisfied in her current four-day-a-week job as an accessories buyer for High Street store Jigsaw because it is not challenging enough.
    After abandoning her own online clothing company because it meant giving away too many personal details when she was still with William, friends say she now wishes to resurrect the idea.
    The source adds: ‘She enjoys fashion and has an eye for it although she doesn’t consider herself a fashionista.’ Kate clearly hasn’t done too badly for a girl who once claimed she wasn’t ‘fussed by fashion’.
  2. that's such a great opportunity for her to work with Tom Ford.!
  3. Wow, how cool!! And she's at the perfect age to make a big move like that and move on with her life...I think the States will really embrace her...love her!!
  4. I read this today in my daily newspaper, and I just remeber thinking Wow, what a lucky girl. Many people work their butts off all their life for half an oppurtunity, I would jump at the chance to work with Tom Ford, he is such a huge force in the fashion industry, how could you ever say no!
  5. Yes lucky girl....she didnt study fashion at Uni, and got her job as a buyer at Jigsaw as a family friend owns the company. Dont get me wrong I like Kate, but as they say - its who you know!
  6. That picture is awful. She looks like a very attractive woman... in her late 30's. :shrugs:
  7. I'm jealous! First Prince William and now Tom Ford.

  8. ITA!!^^^
  9. Its amazing how going out with or being associated with someone very high profile will get you places! Thats not to say she doesnt deserve the job, but im sure being Prince Williams ex hasnt hurt either.
  10. I was thinking that.:yes:
  11. I'm SO jealous!!!

    I would drop everything in a heartbeat to work for Tom Ford!! *le sigh*
  12. what a wonderful opportunity!

    i cant believe shes 25, she looks much older.
  13. she should go for it! she should make the most of the oppurtunities she's gonna get for being Williams ex!

    i wish he's never dumped her, i really liked her!
  14. yes, and I think now she is no longer williams girlfriend, she will definitely become more experimental with her wardrobe.

    This gorgeous girl has played it safe for long enough!!!
  15. i know :push:

    i don't know, i usually don't get that aggravated by things like this but for some reason this is really annoying me.. i don't even dislike her really, but tom ford?!?!?!?!?