Kate Middleton having a spot of trouble (14.09.2007)

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  3. Oh poor girl - looks like she locked the keys in her car! I've done that too. She must have felt so stupid, especially that there was somebody there getting it on camera!

    She still manages to look effortlessly cool though!
  4. She's soo cute. Love her bag!
  5. She is a true beauty
  6. beautiful.. future queen of england lol.. what bag is that? cute! :nuts:
  7. she looks great
  8. She works for the accessories and jewellery side of a store called Jigsaw in the UK, so usually, her accessories and bags are from there :yes:
  9. ^ chloe-babe, thx for the info - btw, luv ur avatar.. jack bauer :girlsigh:
  10. Effortlessly beautiful and chic. Love her (and I'm not even British!).
  11. She looks cute, even when she locked her keys in the car!
  12. I don't think she locked her keys in the car, though. Remember, this is in Britain, and in Britain the window she's looking in is the passenger's side.

    If she locked her keys in the car, wouldn't she be on the other side, looking in the driver's side window!

    Whatever the problem was with her car, she still looks cute.
  13. She is gorgeous!!!! And I love her bag as well!!!
  14. Nothing spectacular, she looks normal