Kate Lanphear - Style Director for US ELLE

  1. is anyone else here a fan of hers? i am head over heels with her style, i have been following her for two years.
    Kate_lanphear2.jpg 23kwuw6.jpg 29ln5o6.jpg CPH71-012.jpg jfiv4w.jpg
  2. More Kate
    sbcavq47g1a4.jpg us1bs7pg4r3w.jpg j639ve4sbiu1.jpg
  3. moreeee
    kate-lanphear-at-valention-2009.jpg 2eapl6p.jpg kate-lanphear-milan.jpg 7 katelanphear.JPG.jpeg
  4. Thank you so much for starting this thread!

    I LOVE her!!!
  5. she's my personal style icon. i've turned my hair platinum white like hers, and i wear only shades of black, grey, white, and CRYSTALS. she creates the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.
  6. wow cool :smile: her accessories make me happy. i really love how she makes punk style look so sophisticated. she isn't the typical cookie-cutter fashion editor loves! more pics:
    KateLanphear7.jpg kate-lanphear.jpg kate lanphear.jpg klanphearv3.jpg laney005.jpg
  7. thanks for starting this thread. i LOVE kate. she's amazing and she accessorizes perfectly!
  8. thank you so much for starting this thread. i love her!
  9. Juicyincouture A thousand thanks for starting this thread!! I love Kate too!!!:tup:
  10. np! :smile: i dunno how to directly place photos inside the box w/o attaching so if someone can let me know that would be great!
    kate-lanphear11.jpg kate-lanphear-street-style-awang.jpg eddieborgo.jpg 3129RMKWeb.jpg Around+Bryant+Park+Day+1+Spring+2010+MBFW+HiLvJkuWG0Ol.jpg
  11. Omg I love her! I just wish we could get some ID on her wristwear, her bracelets are always so awesome.
  12. it's a mixture of Noir, Eddie Borgo, and Hermès.
  13. yeah eddie borgo makes that studded bracelet, i think i have seen it on kim kardashian before
  14. wow...love her arm candy :drool::drool::drool:. Any suggestion on cheaper version of her bracelets? Love her style...cool and chic
  15. hmm i'm not sure but i can look ! if anyone finds more pictures feel free to contribute!