Kate is a Bbag girl!

  1. As we all know, fashion plate Kate Moss occasionally turns up sporting a hot Balenciaga bag. Here are a couple pics of her carrying a 2004 Weekender.

    :love: :love: :love:
    kateweekender2.jpg kateweekender.jpg
  2. I wonder if the hardware on this one is missing like her Black First.
    She's definitely enviable in the looks and clothes dept.
  3. LOL...missing hardware on her black First?

    Do you have a pic?

    Thanks :smile:
  4. Not on my computer but there are a few on PF, I can't remember the thread.
  5. ^^^^ Thank you! The leather looks gorgeous :smile:
  6. I saw that weekender and nearly collapsed! :heart: I've seen that blue in the city size, but never in the weekender! Absolutely gorgeous.
  7. Kate is THE Bbag girl!!
    She's gorgeous and so are her bags