Kate Hudson's black python bag?

  1. anyone know who makes it?

  2. That almost looks like a Deere Colhoun bag that Ive seen Rachel Bilson with...Im not sure what it is called though if thats it.
  3. I didn't realize that was python! I was wondering who it was by also!
  4. Rafe, maybe?

  5. I know which one you're talking about, I think it's called large sienna black snake satchel. It's pretty :smile:
  6. Yes I think thats it. I can't find a picture of Rachel Bilson carrying the handbag right now but I am almost sure now its a Deere Colhoun Large Sienna bag.
  7. you guys are AWESOME! here's a pic frm revolve -- unfortunately, it's out of stock :sad:

  8. I just received an email from www.kataphileo.com
    New Kataphileo Arrivals:

    Deere Colhoun
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    Anyway, I remember you posting about this handbag a week or so ago. They don't have it in black I don't think unless I looked at it wrong, but they do have it in Brown Snake, Camel and Beige Snake. Heres the link for it. http://kataphileo.com/item.php?id=10222
  9. You can also get Kate's EXACT bag right now at Singer22!

    Enter code "celeb10" for 10% off!:tup:
  10. It is definitely a Deere Calhoun: (from People.com)

    Get Kate Hudson’s Superbowl Bag!

    [​IMG] Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
    Though Kate Hudson may have been cheering on the losing New England Patriots at the Superbowl, she still scored big in the style department. The California girl, toted one of our favorite bags — the Deere Colhoun Large Sienna Large Satchel — which is a favorite of Rachel Bilson, too. If you love Kate’s Large Sienna bag, you can order one for yourself, $790, at deerecolhoun.com. Or get a similar look for less with this MICHAEL Michael Kors Ranger Patent Leather Shoulder Bag, $289, macys.com or this ASOS Premium Leather Double Pocket Bag, $64, asos.com
  11. BTW .. I just checked it out and thought it was inexpensive for a Python bag... It is actually snakeskin.. big difference! Gucci has python bags for about $4k. If ever you see python day bags for less than $2k, get it!!.. it's a steal!
  12. Oh thats great! I will try Singer22 then. Thanks Bronte for the heads up.
  13. Bronte, did you realize Singer22's return policy is store credit only? They don't give your money back. I really like the purse in the pictures but if it I don't like it then Ill lose my money. Can you recommend any other places that are giving a better discount with a money back return policy?
  14. I'm actually really interested in getting the bag...however $800 is serious cash for a bag for me. Are there any sales going on for the bag?