Kate Hudson

  1. by who? how?
  2. That is exactly that I thought!!!
  3. Surprise pic. Its called -she's not suckin it in-
  4. I am sure is just the dress she is wearing.
    I agree with the down bump comment.
  5. Is She Or Isn't She? HOT LINKS : Kate Hudson
    We're sure Kate Hudson had a good workout today... but what we're not sure about are those pesky pregnancy rumors.
    Kate was looking slightly bumpalicious at the premiere of Fool's Gold - although it could've just been a combination of her dress and the wind. And now this.
    If she is, who's the babydaddy?!
  6. That first picture looks photoshopped, the edges are blurry.
  7. I read somewhere that she is doing a movie or something and her role is a pregnant one? I googled it- I don't remember the website.
  8. I saw more gossip on "hollywoodgrind" about this. You can read below and they say the baby is with Justin Timberlake.

  9. ^woo:wtf:, that´s real shocking gossip news !!!!!
  10. ^^ Lord I hope not.

    I would lose faith in intelligent women everywhere.
  11. Justin? I thought he was with Jessica Biel. Seriously, I can't keep up with Hollywood sometimes. :weird:
  12. I heard the Justin rumor too on the radio today. The DJ said the rumor is that they have been secretly seeing each other for over a year. With all the crazy celeb gossip I'm not sure what to believe anymore! LOL!
  13. Oh man... I did NOT expect this!!!!! rumor or not, it is quite intriguing
  14. The first photo of her in the black dress looks photoshopped as others have mentioned but the x17 pics do indeed show a bump...I guess this will just be another wait & see....is she or isn't she:shrugs:
  15. If she is pregnant and if the JT is the baby father, then I am really really disappointed in the paparazis(?) and gossip columnists.