Kate Hudson

  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know what bag this is? I found the photo on people.com.
  2. looks like the large cambon tote
  3. Yep, its the large Cambon tote. She is carrying it backward so I dont know if its got the white CC's or the black CC's.
  4. Looks great on her!
  5. i think she has the white CCs. I've seen other photos of her with the bag.
  6. Oh that Kate, she looks good with anything!!!!
  7. Thanks everyone. Leave it to me to love a bag that is discontinued.
  8. I love her Thomas Wylde boots, too!
  9. actually, i think she has the black cc's
  10. Yup, Cambon. She's gorgeous. I love her!:love:
  11. I saw one today at Neiman Marcus. It was black with patent black CCs. Great color combo.
  12. You are totally right! :tup: Here's a better photo of the bag, where you can see the black cc's.