Kate Hudson movie purse

  1. hello everyone...I have seen that this blog already featured the purse from the movie raising helen...the tods one...now im looking for the black 3 ring purse...it has 3 rings on each side of the straps...can someone PLEASE HELP ME !!! lol thanks
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help you. This has been asked before - and to the best of my knowledge, no one's been able to get hold of the bag yet. Apparently, it's a Prada. Pic off somewhere else :biggrin:
    Raising Helen Prada.jpg
  3. YES THATS IT!!!...omg i love you right now...where can I find this...i have no idea...
  4. now we just need to find out the name of the bag...where i can find it...and how much money it is hahaha
  5. One or two other people were desperately looking for it as well. I may be wrong but it may not be a bag that's for general sale.

    Good luck!
  6. thanks im still trying to find it...searching through Prada online stores certainly doesnt help when you dont have a name haha ive been going through hundreds of pages...prada doesnt look like it would make a bag like this buy hey what do i know lol
    you've been a great help passerby although by the number of post it looks like your not going anywhere ahahaha good
  7. You might ask Jill.
  8. Jill...who is Jill? expert?
  9. Hi, Jill is one of the mods here, as well as being an expert on Prada :smile:
  10. Jill :heart: prada lolol she would know.

    They might have them at the Prada flagship store at soho - NYC. I bought a runway hat there once and they only sold it there. I did take a look at their lookbook for fall and didn't recall seeing that particular style. But then again, there were pages and pages of styles and I couldn't go through them all. Good luck.
  11. Yes.
  12. aw how do I find her? i need this bag
  13. Just click on Member's List, then J, look for Jill- that is her user name as well as her name and if you click on it you can send her a message. If it has to do with Prada she will probably answer you.
  14. thank you fendigal your definately a great help...now I need to look for members list haha
  15. how come when I make a post its not bold like everyone elses...I can see how everyone passes them by or maybe no one can ever find it for me