Kate Had A Wonderful Evening Out ... Her $8.000 Silk Gown However, Was Not So Lucky !

  1. [​IMG]
    Calm and then the storm: Kate started out the night looking a picture of glamour, but ended it with her dress torn at the rear

    Putting a foot wrong: Kate Moss and Courtney Love pose for a photo

    Rip-roaring evening: Last night Moss' dress was torn at the shoulder and under the neck fastening. She tried to avoid more damage by tying the dress out of the way
    Moss in a mess: despite the fact that her dress was tatters, Kate carried on partying at the Dorchester Hotel

    Damage: the fragile gown was in shreds by the end of the night
  2. OMG!!!!:wtf: What a mess:push:
  3. looks like she just got out of a jungle.
  4. Omg, wow.....
  5. cant believe courtney love's transformation!! she looks....good..in these pics!!
  6. Oh my...i wonder if that's returnable?:p
  7. Who made that gown??? that's just awful...
  8. I wonder too. I'd be livid!!! That poor dress.
  9. lol, I know! I'm more surprised my what Courtney Love looks like. I didn't recognize her.
  10. Yikes!
  11. wow...you'd think an $8K dress would last a little longer than a few hours!
  12. oh my!:wtf:
  13. Definitely NOT good publicity for THAT designer!!!!!
  14. she needs to loose some weight, Oh my, she is so fat she ripped off the dress. j/k. put on some weight girl!!

  15. Wow...high quality dress.
    Courtney Love looks great, though.