Kate Gives Angelina A Run For Her Money-In The Knobbly Knees Contest

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    Knobbled: Kate Moss' gangster-style outfit reveals that she too is suffering a severe case of knobbly knees like fellow celeb Angelina Jolie

    Her recent traumas with ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty have seen Kate lose weight from her already small frame
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    Legs eleven: Kate's fat-free limbs have left her knees looking rather unattractive

    Knobbly knees: Angelina shows her thin legs
  3. [​IMG]
    Knee jerk reaction: One onlooker said Angelina's knees were 'her most prominent features'
  4. Ah, but at least Kate knows how to get out of a car whilst wearing a short skirt.
  5. ewwww they look gross, so unhealthy
  6. Well, I can say that my knees look better than that. Guess there is something good about having plenty of meat on your bones! :roflmfao:
  7. YUCK! I second that, Luvshopping....at least I'll have the comfort of knowing I'll NEVER have the knobby knees problem, not with my layer of blub! lol.

    Prada -- great thread title!
  8. omg Prada is back:yahoo: I missed you:heart:
  9. Love those slingbacks Kate is wearing. I wonder how difficult it is to wear them?
  10. If she put on some more weight, both of them actually, they would have such hott legs!
  11. oh yeah, both soo gross
  12. i don't know what's going on with Angelina. I know she suffered a lot with her mother's death, but i think it's an excuse.:sad:
  13. That's sick.

    Hi Prada!! Missed you tons!!:heart: Glad to have you back. :smile:
  14. Angies are worse.
  15. Love Kate's shoes:smile:.They both just need to put on a bit of weight,that would solve the knobby knee problem.