Kate Bosworth's New Bag!

  1. After two days of researching the internet and joining numerous blogs (such as this one) I have got my answer! The bag Kate Bosworth is holding in the Popsugar photos from her 25th birthday is from a new designer Michelle Vale .... I'm getting it! Bosworth knows her bags. Anyone know what shades she's got on?

  2. She seems to be photographed w/ those shades quite often.. and I think they are Chloe. Don't quote me though....
  3. I love Michelle Vale's bags...well I actually only have one of her bags so I can't say what all of them are like but I have the Travesti and it is great. I really like the leather. I had debated on getting the one Kate Bosworth is carrying in the photo a bit back but opted for the larger bag.
  4. That's a cute bag!
  5. A new photo is out! Looks like she likes the bag!
  6. OOh I am beginning to wonder if I shouldve bought this one. It looks like it hangs nicely on the shoulder and hugs your body. It is so hard sometimes to decide what handbag to buy without seeing it on someone first.
  7. I found the Entrechat on Amazon for $800 with free shipping in black and camel.
  8. Kate Bosworth has such great style.

    I'm pretty picky about my purses but I must admit, the one she has is awesome!