Kate Bosworth's Bag

  1. i'm forbidden to see the picture! sorry, i would have loved to try to identify it!
  2. whoops

  3. is this the new miu miu bag?
  4. Yup its the new miu miu handbag! Its totally TDF. Mischa Barton has recently been spotted toting one around aswell. (See below pic)

  5. hmmm kate's seems like its suede... is it?
  6. yeah kate's definitely looks like suede.... thanks so much you guys!
  7. Yup Kate's is suede, Mischa's is leather!
    Also here are some pics of Jessica Alba and her suede version!
    177.jpg 134.jpg
  8. I haven't seen the bag online yet (haven't looked) but I saw it in person at Barney's and at NM. The bottom of the bag is kinda weird...I'd imagine if you like the Spy, you'd like this. They're not really close but similar in a way.
  9. Does this bag have an actual name? I like it. I think I prefer the leather.
  10. It does have an actual name, but it's super long and Italian, so at least for me, it makes it difficult to pronounce:
    Scamosciato Matelasse Convertible Hobo
  11. say that three times fast.
  12. I loved this bag when I saw it in the store and it seems really rich for fall. I've been surprised to see people wearing it already in July. Anyone else?
  13. That is one long name. I wonder if the suede looks better than the leather.