Kate Bosworth took some fashion initiative by wearing a chandelier on her head

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    The 'Superman' actress jetted to Australia earlier this week as a fashion ambassador for Victoria's Spring Racing Carnival but whatever you do, don't ask her about her own appearance.

    Reporters were banned from asking the super-skinny star about her much publicised weight loss at a press conference in Sydney today. But Kate did reveal one tip for staying healthy - ignoring tabloid media reports about her private life. During a press conference, she said: "I've stopped reading about myself … it just comes to a certain point where so much of it is bulls**t that it's just not healthy, really."

    What is healthy however? Dropping 25 lbs off her already slim figure since she made her big screen debut in 2002's 'Blue Crush
  2. She has the wrinkley thing happening to her eyes that anorexics get.
    Its obvious in the close ups.
  3. she looks like a more haggard jessica simpson there :wtf:
  4. She does NOT look good at all. Her skin looks dry and the hair is too blonde. WTF is that thing on her head!?!?!?!
  5. what a waste of an unbelievably beautiful girl :cry:

    that piece on her head is :yucky:
  6. tsk tsk! yikes!
  7. OMG!!! that is sooo not right.
    naybe she meant to look like girls from the 20's, but it's just NOT!
  8. It looks really bad on her. To me it looks quite costumy and she looks like she's like 30 something judging by those wrinkles aroudn her eyes.. YUCK
  9. Wow.. she's not looking so hot, with or without the chandelier !!
  10. OMG Her wrinkles! She looks hideous! Poor thing, she must have a low self-esteem!
  11. what the heck was she thinking, putting that on her head, she looks so ridiculous.:Push:
  12. Please excuse my ignorance, but how old is she supposed to be? :shrugs:
  13. she looks kinda like jessica simpson, no? she's pretty young too (in her 20's), so i'm shocked to see her many wrinkles!! not good....

  14. RIDICULOUS is the right word!:hysteric:
  15. Yeh, have to agree, although i LOVE the shoes!!!