Kate Bosworth Shopping

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  2. It looks like she gained some of her weight back...she looks much better :smile:
  3. I can't see the pictures?
  4. Agreed. :yes:
  5. She is really cute!!!:love:
  6. Her puppy is just too cute !!
  7. She is drop-dead , but umm... a bra would be nice .

    Call me old fashioned .
  8. i like her outfit~looks so comforty!!!
  9. Yuck.:lol:
  10. Pretty girl but need a bra!
  11. Kate is totally cute.
  12. she looks pretty cute, i love her smile - totally gorgeous
  13. I WANT that dress!!! Any idea who its by??
  14. she is so cutie:biggrin:
  15. Is that Cameron Diaz next to her?