Kate Bosworth on TRL

  1. Is it just me or did she lose a LOT of weight that she didn't need to? Looks like she has Hollywood's lollipop head syndrome :cry:

  2. I agree with your assessment. Good grief, she looked wonderful before.
  3. OH GOODNESS!! I totally agree!!
  4. she looks horrible!! kate eat a cracker!
  5. she looked really think in superman too...the guys I went with said she now has no butt! And they were right!
  6. Oh no! I hope its just the angle but if its not, she looked fine in Blue Crush (no booty then though either)! What the heck happened? Shes got porn star lips in this picture too, lol.
  7. definately has the lollipop head syndrome..her head looks way too big for that frail body. pretty face though what a shame :sad: hollywood girls need to smarten up and consider their health first..
  8. Yeah, she looks like a bobblehead.
  9. :yes: :lol:
  10. OMG, what happen to her... she's super skinny now.
    I miss her body on "BlueCrush"
  11. She's claimed in many interviews that she had to put on a lot of "weight" (i.e., healthy muscle) for Blue Crush, and the way she looks now is the "normal, healthy" her. She clearly has body identity issues.
  12. ^^^I have heard her say this before as well. I cant imagine how much pressure they must be under to stay thin.
  13. USWeekly has a story on this in this week's issue. She put on 14 lbs of muscle for the surfing movie she did a few years back...Blue Crush?
  14. Just a bad picture. I have seen her in shorts and tank tops and she looks alright to me.
  15. weird! She was on Leno the other night and although thin, didn't look NEARLY as thin as that photo!{?}
    maybe a jacked up angle?