Kate Bosworth is the new face for Coach!

  1. Kate for Coach

    Move over Mandy, Kate is the new face for the label.

    AMERICAN label Coach has announced actress Kate Bosworth as the new face of the brand’s Spring advertising campaign, which will be seen throughout Asia.

    Kate Bosworth behind the scenes shooting the Spring ad campaign for Coach.

    The campaign, which will come out in March 2008 will be a large-scale, integrated marketing campaign including outdoor billboards, magazines, and other vehicles.

    “Kate Bosworth is the epitome of distinctive American style and poise, qualities that are synonymous with Coach,” said Reed Krakoff, President and Executive Creative Director.

    “Her style is glamorous and represents the fun and whimsical spirit of our brand.”

    Bosworth, 25, who first appeared in Robert Redford’s The Horse Whisperer at 15, has gone on to become one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars.

    The actress says she’s always been an admirer of Krakoff’s designs as well as his work on the campaigns:

    “Both are chic and classic representations of my own effortless style.”

    In 2008, Bosworth will be seen in two new movies: The Girl in the Park with Sigourney Weaver, and 21, a poker drama based on the international bestseller, Bringing Down the House.

    Pic: Kate Bosworth behind the scenes shooting the Spring ad campaign for Coach.

  2. cool! can't wait to see that!
  3. ummm....i like when celebs aren't the "face" of something...coach bags sell themselves...
  4. Not a huge fan of hers....
  5. She's really pretty---but wasn't Scarlett Johansen(sp?) in the horse whisperer? were they both in it?
  6. Cool....! It's never a bad thing to have a celeb pose w/ your products...even if your products are as great as Coach's.

    On another note, hopefully someone fed that broad a sandwich or something during the shoot. She's so thin I think an intervention is required.
  7. She is cute so, we'll see how it goes. She doesn't really look like a coach girl to me.
  8. I think Hayden Panettiere should be the face of coach. She wears it well.
  9. i think dooney snagged her first by letting her "design" that awesome patent red bag....coach should have gotten to her first!!!

  10. i thought that too...she is skinny. or maybe just the pic...but her neck looks hella long.
  11. Girl needs to beef up a bit - American girls have style and a bit of meat on their bones!
  12. Is that the new pleated ergo? It looks like it has the frame/kisslock that Kimmie (i think?) mentioned in a thread yesterday.
  13. [​IMG]

    Thank sooo much for this info...caz that pic could be VERY helpful! Isn't that the bag that kimmie was talking about that will be in Patent pink?? Is that the new pleated Ergo?
  14. :yes:That seems to be what she described! Jinx!!!
  15. Yep, thats exactly the one. That color is the new tan that is coming out.:yes: