Kate Bosworth In Australia - 25th Birthday

  1. Kate Bosworth looking great with new guy James Rosseau and friend in Australia.
    kate_michelle_vale_bag_oz.jpg bosworthpic.jpg
  2. Thanks for these! Kate looks great .. definitely the next big starlet! I am loving the fact that she is carrying a Michelle Vale handbag.... I bought one a couple of months ago and love it! It is getting pretty popular here in New York.
    Also really love those Chloe shades she is wearing.
  3. Uh...she's a bit too thin. To me, she looks unhealthy
  4. I used to be big on Orlando Bloom, her ex-boyfriend. But now I think this guy is more handsome... =)
  5. she got too tiny again!!
  6. I hope its not too windy in austrailia
  7. She's not looking very good... too skinny.
  8. she has great taste in men, they dont have great taste in her
  9. ^^^ She does have good taste in men (wish I did!)

    BTW: Love your Kahlil Gibran quote
  10. ^ I agree. There's been a lot of speculation that she has a serious eating disorder :sad:
  11. i think she looks better, she used to be a lot skinnier.
  12. More pics of Kate Bosworth from Australia. This one shows her handbag the best!