Kate Bosworth Gets Wiggy Wit It

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  1. [​IMG]

    Kate Bosworth, wearing a brunette wig, was spotted filming in NYC yesterday on the set of The Girl in the Park with co-star Susan Sarandon. I hope it’s the eye make-up and not anything else that’s making Kate look a little out of it. The legs still look like twigs though! Keri Russell (not pictured) also stars in this film, which is due out in 2007.
    Here’s a synopsis of The Girl in the Park: Enduringly traumatized by the disappearance of her 3-year-old daughter 15 years ago, Julia Sandburg (Weaver) has cut herself off from anyone once near and dear to her, including her husband Doug and her son Chris, who tried for years to penetrate her wall of isolation and despair, without success. But when Julia meets Louise (Bosworth), a troubled young woman with a checkered past, all Julia’s old psychic wounds painfully resurface, as does her illogical and increasingly irrational hope that Louise may be the daughter she lost so long ago.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. She is too skinny! Either way she doesn't look good. I don't see the attraction? Sorry don't shoot me!
  3. She looks a little odd here.
  4. She was so much cuter in Blue Crush. She looks so unhealthy & exhausted now. Whoever convinced her to lose weight should be slapped.
  5. I feel like she's really depressed :sad:
  6. I think she'll start to eat better after Orlando. I liked them together, but I have a feeling being his girlfriend put a lot of strain on her. Millions of fangirls wishing death and failure on her can't be good.

    I think she looks good, but I hope she puts the weight back on soon.
  7. I think she is still pretty, but when she I thought she looked AMAZING in Blue Crush.
  8. Um... she looks completely depleted of everything...
  9. she looks like something is bothering her, she needs to start gaining some weight, she's starting to look sickly.
  10. *out of topic* but I loveeee her coat :P
  11. is she playing susan's daughter? (that might explain the wig...)
  12. I think she looks adorable
  13. I love her!!! she was my favorite celebrity ever, until she got into the "skinny" phase. I loved her figure when she was in "Blue Crush" but now.. nothing is attractive or appealing to me..
  14. I've been following Kate's career for a while now and I really don't think she's doing it because she wants to fit in. Something seem's to be bothering her. I'm pretty sure it's over Orlando though. She looked really happy and healthy before him and now that he's gone she is starting to look better slowly.
  15. something is not right!! she does look odd