Kate Bosworth For Jalouse + Eva Mendes For GQ

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    The always stunning Eva Mendes, who has just finished shooting 'Ghost Rider' with Nicolas Cage, isn't obsessed with how wealthy a potential suitor is but does expect to be treated with respect.

    The Cuban-American actress tells the March issue of GQ magazine: "I'm such a cheap date, it's not even funny. But I'm cheap, not easy. I have high expectations."

    Eva also reveals she is looking for an intelligent man because she is not that smart. She explains: "I need my man to be very intelligent and well-read, to make up for what I don't have. I admit I'm not booksmart. Hey, I'm sweet and lovable, but I'm not an intellectual, let's face it."
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    Diminutive starlet Kate Bosworth channel her inner bionic cyber angel on the current cover of the French fashion mag Jalouse. The usually unremarkable off-my-celebrity-raydar actress manages to pull off a fashion photoshoot with some edge. Nicely done.
  4. Kate looks amazing!!
  5. Eva is a gorgeous girl! Kate...bleh.
  6. They both look great! Eva's got a great body, and Kate looks so modern.
  7. they have both looked better
  8. Im jealous, Eva is so gorgeous and I want her tan body! :p
  9. Eva looks amazing!
  10. Kate and JS share the same chin......
  11. Not quite my favorite of either.. Eva is stunning, but didn't wow me there
  12. :yes:
  13. Those Jalouse pics are HOT!
  14. Nice pics