Kate Beckinsale: sunglasses????

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  1. Can anyone tell me the maker/brand and model of her sunglasses? :flowers:


  2. ^^ they really look like oliver peoples to me...
  3. They could be Burberry style#696182.
  4. They remind me of an Armani pair I've seen.
  5. They are not Oliver People's for sure. :sad:
  6. they could be like any brand, most brands have similar black plastic oversized styles...she is so pretty
  7. They may just be from a vintage shop or something then!
  8. Hmmm.......not sure. She does wear a lot of Tom Ford and Oliver Peoples. I'm a major sunglass whore, so I'm always looking and a lot of glasses she wears, I wear or like. Can't help with these ones though.....could be OP.
  9. No brand name that I can see:

  10. Oliver Peoples and Tom Ford don't have a logo on the side. Tom Ford sometimes has the "T" embedded in the side, but not always. Of course, Tom Ford has his name etched on the lenses, but I don't see it.
  11. They look like Oliver Peoples to me
  12. i think those are it. :biggrin: