Kate & Andy Spade to step down from Designer & Chief Exec

  1. Spades Stepping Aside
    Thursday, July 26, 2007
    By Whitney Beckett

    Husband-and-wife team Kate and Andy Spade are saying goodbye to the company they founded.

    As their service agreement with Liz Claiborne Inc. expires after the $4.99 billion vendor acquired the accessories brand in November, Kate and Andy Spade are stepping down from their respective roles as designer and chief executive officer at the end of next week at the close of spring market


    What impact do you all think this will have on the company/handbag line?
  2. Wow. Very interesting. I wonder what will happen with the brand now.
  3. I think it will go in the toilet...
  4. That's sad. I think she's basically what made the company. I don't particularly care of Liz Claiborne.
  5. But may she rest in peace. ;)

    I always thought Kate Spade's husband was named Jack, you know after Jack Spade. lol
  6. It'll be interesting to see the new designs or lack of.
  7. ^^^
    agreed. kate has this really classic whimsical style that is reflected so perfectly in her designs and shops. i really doubt anyone can emulate this to the extent of taking the brand further.
  8. Me too. I thought it was Jack. I can't imagine walking away from such a huge and successful empire.
  9. IMO her stuff has really gone downhill in the last few years anyway....she's gone from manufacturing in italy to china, and her customer service just isn't what it used to be. so, i guess i won't be that sad....though her paper goods line was just starting to really impress me. maybe she's retaining rights to that?
  10. isn't her brother-in-lae David Spade?
  11. sorry...brother in law!!
  12. ^^ yes.
  13. The fabsugar article notes: 'The decision was deemed a personal one, as the duo wants to spend time traveling with their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter....'

    Honestly I've never been intrigued with the bags but I do like the shoes and stationery...hmm...
  14. I thought she sold out years ago to Neiman's.

    At any rate. I don't see the same vision from Liz Claiborne as what Kate Spade had established.
  15. :amazed: I can't believe it! I always thought that Jack Spade was her brother :confused1: