Kate and Pete strike again...

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  1. It's like some coked up version of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  2. WTF? Very odd!
  3. Go . . . . Away . . . . Kate!
  4. What does she see in him? I just don't get it!
  5. what is it about these two? she totally lost her appeal and class....
  6. Lol
  7. Don't make me break out my 19th century prostitute remark again!
  8. nobody is making you hon!;) but please feel free to if you feel like it !:tup: i dont think i have seen this one yet...:graucho:
  9. ^^ People have seen it before,but here it is:

    Kate Moss always looks filthy to me. She looks like she could have been one of those 19th century prostitutes that gave James Joyce syphilis.
    ("Fancy some comp'ny, guvnor?")

  10. oh lol caitlin you are sooo right ! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:My mum always fumes when she sees her and says - this girl looks like she hasnt been near a shower for months!
  11. My dad thinks she always looks like she's down on her luck.
  12. Haha! It's like you want to give her a delousing and 20 dollars for something to eat!

  13. and that shampoo sample you`ve had for years from some hotel you dont remember the name of!
  14. I feel so sorry for anyone hooked on drugs, she obviously loves him, so very sad. Such a destructive relationship!