Kate and Pete again...

  1. they are the most disgusting couple ever ! i feel sorry for her little sweet daughter :sad:
  2. Do ppl not value their lives at all?!?! All I can say is stupid ppl do stupid things...
  3. Oh,i hate how Kate is behaving especially lately,its so sad!
  4. [​IMG]
    The Beautiful and the Damned: Kate and Pete (plus unidentified friend) let it all hang out at the Hackney Empire, where the pair performed on stage together last night.

    Here she is after partying with her shamble fiancee.
  5. [​IMG]
    Too many late nights? Kate's partying lifestyle is taking its' toll on her looks
  6. fugly....
    katemossbarfugly.jpg kate-moss-rich.jpg
  7. and a close up of her newest necklace...
  8. Kate loves the attention IMO
  9. Those 2 deserve each other.
  10. Oh, I love Kate (for her looks & her fashion sense). But, my God, Pete Doherty, a bloody razor blade for a necklace & she has a child!!!!! Kate needs help & Pete needs to never be seen again!:cursing: :throwup: :weird:
  11. The bloody Razor Necklace is probably a quirky designer piece and NOT an Angelina Jolie-like blood vile. She really should cut down on the smoking and partying because it is destroying her livelihood--her appearance.
  12. I am so bored of her and him - .... - she is trying so hard to not be her age that she doesnt realise how ridiculous she comes across.....

    at least the daughter has a 'normal' father, or so it seems
  13. hmm not so sure about the father (Hack) either, he himself has a murky background, but has high up friends that keep his misdemeaners out of the spotlight, as he is in publishing ;) I really dont think he is that squeaky clean!

    However, im digressing,

    She is a sad, ageing, groupie. Nothing more now. If she was poor and living in a council estate, she would have her child taken off of her. She is a complete disgrace. You can blame Doherty all you like, but he is single with no responsibilities, she is a grown up, and more importantly a mother. What a sad, selfish cow she is :sad:

    They truly do deserve each other, her daughter, however, deserves much better

  14. Doesn't Pete Doherty have a child with some woman who also has a child off of another winner, Noel Gallagher?
  15. Such shocking behaviour! Will some people never learn? I so feel sorry for her daughter!