Kataphileo.com - 10% Off Offer

  1. Good Morning Kataphileo members,

    Thank you so much for shopping with me. I appreciate your business and for all of you who share your Kataphileo experiences with your friends and family.

    I have a proposition for everyone. As you know, the Spring 2008 handbags will begin arriving shortly. I would like to ask everyone who has purchased a handbag from Kataphileo to submit your good, clear photos of your handbags to me to post on Kataphileo.com to give customers like yourselves a better idea of the handbag on a real live person. I will give everyone who submits a photo an extra 10% off their next handbag purchase starting February 1st*. As anyone who purchases handbags every year will know, when first making their grand entrance, handbags are very rarely discounted so this would be your opportunity to save some money and be the first to own one of the beautiful handbags Kataphileo will be carrying for Spring 2008. Not every photo will be posted due to pixel quality and size and the photos may be rotated out as needed.

    Thank you,

    *10% cannot be combined with any other discount other than the 3% member discount.