Karolina - Was it made in 2 sizes?

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  1. or just one? For some reason, I thought it was made in two sizes, but I am not sure. I like big bags and am trying to figure out which MJ bags are ther largest.

    Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. yes...the Karolina was made in two sizes (small and large)
  3. From what I recall, the Large Karolina was HUGE.... It was way too big for me. Other big bags that I can think of are the Stellas, Venetias, and Large Bowlers.
  4. The cinched totes are darn big too.
  5. yes - it came in 2 sizes. I'm a lover of big bags too & I have the large one. Its a little bit bigger than the stella (only a diff shape). I luv my Karolina bag, it's the perfect kind of "bo-ho chic"!! so soft, squishy & mushy!!! and it holds a lot. becuz of the drawstring, you can cinch the top to make it a little smaller or leave it loose to make it appear larger.
  6. Does anyone know in how many colors Karolina was made? I always see the pink versions being sold on e-bay, but rarely see any other colors. I'm thinking it had to be made in some other shades, but I don't see them.
  7. I had the large Karolina and it was huge but I kinda like it. It fit everything! The smaller size is also cute. It's probably as big as a small mp.

    I know it comes in espresso, petunia, midnight (blue), oatmeal, shark white? (I don't know if that's the official name for the white color), and I saw the smaller version of Karolina in red. It might be ferrari red.
  8. Could it be "stark white"?^^ Ha!- I think I saw one in a Whiskey color too.
  9. AbbytheBT, I think you're right. It's called Stark White, haha....
  10. I have the small Karolina in ferrari red. It's great for days when you don't have to carry too much. The only problem with overstuffing the small version is that the top of the bag doesn't close, so there's a risk of stuff dumping out. I really dig all the hardware and the drawstring on this bag though!