Karolina Kurkova candids during a fashion photoshoot in NYC (05/21/07)

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  3. I think she's SO beautiful:yes:

    but I HAVE to feel a slight tinge of satisfaction when I see that the backs of her, slimmer and younger than my, thighs aren't smooth! :biggrin:
    Mine are smoother! weeeeeeeeeeee!

    yes, I'm completely immature and I don't care!:p
  4. ^^omg i cant believe it either!! i cant deny i feel better about myself too
  5. ^ lol, i love stuff like that too. ;)

    she is gorgeous though.
  6. ^:yes: GORGEOUS!!!
  7. [​IMG]

    She has cellulite...I guess I am not alone.
  8. what a great set of legs, i would trade for those any day!
  9. i will say it she is SOOOOOO HOT
  10. i saw that pic today on dlisted i think and i was like ...gosh she is just a human too ... low i know but made me feel better :p
  11. she's stunning!
  12. Can her legs get any longer?!:nuts: I am SO JEALOUS!!! She is STUNNING!
  13. she's amazing and yes her legs are endless!
  14. Maybe because she doesn't exercise :s
  15. She's gorgeous!
    But I do feel better that models and celebrities have cellulite too. There's nothing wrong with that, they're human too.