1. What can you use it as? A cosmetic bag/accessories bag? I think it looks functional, but I was just wondering....
  2. The bigger one is also a nice clutch bag in lieu of a larger bag at night.
    I think it's a great piece--I'm just too cheap to buy one, LOL!!!
  3. Cosmetic bag or to keep other smaller items. Like CynthiaNYC mentioned, the big one can be used as a clutch bag.

    Karo comes in many exciting bright colors too! They are pricey though.
  4. oh i just got one and i love it! i'm using it right now as an everything bag in my bag- throwing in the things that are usually loose like my cell phone and lipstick, etc. i can also fit my camera in it which is awesome because my camera case is huge and bulky. i intend to also use it as a clutch (the real reason why i bought it). honestly it's one of my favorite things right now because i can use it for sooooo many things. awesome!
  5. hlfinn: which Karo size and color do you have?
  6. i use my PM size as a camera case too. i plan on getting a GM sz (or maybe just another PM) for my makeup.
  7. i have the karo pm in rose shocking and use it to hold cosmetics in my bag. i have also used it as a small clutch. it comes in handy when you just want to set it on the dinner table when you go out. holds keys, lipstick, a few cards, etc.

    i love it. it's one of my favorite accessories.
  8. I would love a Karo to keep my misc. stuff at place in bigger bags
  9. Is there a comparison pic between the GM and PM? I'm thinking of getting one but so undecided on the size.
  10. I have a GM in brighton blue and use it as a cosmetic/small item pouch to keep things organized in my bag. I also use it as a clutch when I go out. Very functional and holds quite a bit :yes:
  11. oooh brighton blue is pretty!

    mine is the GM and it's vermillion chevre. very very pretty color!
  12. Thanks for the info...I look forward to hunting for one. Does anyone know the prices and sizes? I am thinking about the blue jean in the largest size. If anyone has pics, please post.