Karo is Kaput

  1. I've had my Karo GM for less than two months, and one of the two snaps is broken. I'd thought this pricey little number would serve me well for years and years. Yes, I'll send it off for repairs, but I'm really disappointed. I'd wondered why Hermes didn't use some kind of magnetic closures for this handy little bag. Now, I'm really wondering why.

    Anyone else have problems with their Karo?
  2. oohh, this is a bummer! I'm sorry this happened to you! I hope you get it fixed in, well, a snap! ;)
  3. Awww man!! I would not be happy at all about that. :tdown: I would probably have been a pain in the butt and asked for a replacement, actually. That stinks.
  4. OH NO!!!! I am so sorry!!! I love the Karo. I have one that I keep in the center console of the car and use every day for the odd lotion or asprin, sunnies, etc, and it hasnt given me a peep of trouble, say 6 months...??? Maybe yours had a bad snap?

    So sorry to hear this, I love the Karo but in all honesty, for the price they should definitely give you a new one on the spot, it really is priced quite high, even for H!!

  5. Yikes! I myself want a Karo, but now I'm not so sure I want to spend that type of money on something that won't hold up for decades...
  6. Yikes - so sorry.....I have two, fairly new, still looking fine, but I rarely snap mine...I leave them open most of the time in my bag....thanks for the heads up.

    Hopefully it's just a flawed snap and you'll get a nice new one out of the hassle.
  7. Oh...that's too bad Millstream because I know you love your new Karo.
    Hopefully Hermes won't charge you for fixing it. I thought the snaps were magnetic the way they close.
  8. ITA. That Should Not Be Happening:nogood: Bring It In:yes:
  9. I have had a karo for about a year and it have had no issues except for the fact that it has gotten dirty, and that has bothered me but I have tried to let it go -- I can't be anal about everything. So sorry to hear about your troubles-- it seems as though you got a defective one -- I hope that they rectify the situation for you. It's by far my favorite H accessory.
  10. Gosh, so sorry to hear that. I have a Karo GM and so far so good. Hopefully Hermes can fix the snap button for FOC.
  11. I love my Karo. I agree with MrsM - it's my favorite accessory. Where else can Tucks pads travel in such style??? :p

    So sorry to hear this happened to you. That doesn't seem to be normal wear if you've had it for two months. Hope they fix it for you and quickly!
  12. Oh I´m so sorry, that sounds awful!
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I've been wanting to get a Karo.
  14. agreed....Millstream - ask for a replacement. I love my Karo's and wouod be pissed off if this happened to me.
  15. I agree a replacement is what I would be wanting. :yes:
    My Karo is weeks old and I certainly will be watching out for this.