Karo clutch/make-up case in Coral


Should I go for the Espom Coral Karo in GM?

  1. Yep, warm up that plastic!

  2. Nope, wait for Chevre something

  3. Get it and then get one in Chevre in another colour

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  1. I have it on hold for me at my boutique in Epsom.

    I like the colour but I wanted something like red or raisin. However, I'm told it's a collectible colour and therefore rather desirable. It grows on me but I wondered if anyone thought it was a versatile colour.

    And besides, I wanted it in Chevre but the SA tells me that it's a lot more durable in epsom and holds the shape better in that clutch form.
  2. Really, Chevre is extremely durable and it's more lightweight than Epsom, so the case will not weigh as much in your bag.
    I'd get raisin or rouge Chevre!
  3. Perja.....do NOT get anything that you are not in love with. Personally, I am not a fan of epsom or vache ligee in anything but that's just me. I'd wait for the color you want in the leather you want and I'd settle for nothing less. These items are far too expensive to buy something you are lukewarm about......

    BTW....I have a coral epsom Vespa bag which was my very first foray into Hermes bags. And though I use it at work to hold my work essentials, I hardly ever use it otherwise because I really am not fond of the color or the leather. It's a useful bag, don't get me wrong...but I know now that I would have liked it a lot better in another color/leather combination.
  4. Does any one have a picture of the Karo bag?
  5. Hi Perja,
    I would definitelly wait for chevre, I have one in raisin and love it, I am surprised that the SA thought epsom would be more durable, I like epsom, but it can scratch, and my chevre gets a beating in my bag and a year later looks like new (on the outside, the inside did get some makup stains).
    If you think you may use it as a purse, then epsom would be more firm.
  6. I'm thinking of using it as a bag (a clutch) but well... the coral kinda growns on me but it's not chevre (do you see a theme here?)
  7. As a clutch I do agree that epsom would hold better, :yes: the chevre, even when full is "squishy"
    O.K. then,;) ....post the picture of the coral epsom clutch that you are about to buy!:lol:
  8. Wait for chevre- it will be worth it! Besides, you are not in love with the one in epsom! So I am with Shopmom on this!
  9. Wait for it. This is still a lot of money to be spent even though it's less in comparison to a bag. Now, if you don't mind having multiple clutches, then you can get one now to tide you over and get the chevre later. However, if it were me I would just wait for the goat.
  10. Besides the skin...do you care if it is hard or soft?
  11. I prefer something soft to go under my fingers ;)
  12. Slick... or matte?
  13. Are you sure we are still talking about Hermes? :roflmfao: Ah, my sick mind....
  14. I'm just trying to help Peja get in touch with her hearts true "clutch" desire.:flowers:
  15. Oh believe me, you're not the only one.:lol: