Karo clutch inside Birkin/HAC?

  1. For you ladies who own the large Karo clutch.....how much stuff can you put inside?

    I think I might go for something that can hold my essentials INSIDE my HAC and use the HAC as a tote and NOT solely as a handbag....KWIM? At first I thought the JPG Kelly Clutch might fit the bill but I wouldn't want to ruin her leather by being rubbed by other stuff inside my HAC. Then I thought of the KARO....

    .....wait.....I think we had a whole thread about this somewhere.......

    I'm also waiting to receive the Bagmate I just ordered to see how that works....but I sort of want Plan B just in case this doesn't fit the bill......
  2. Hi Shopmom,:smile: ,

    The Karo GM is unbelievably roomy and I cram tons of misc. junk in there. My favorite thing is that it perfectly fits my large and cumbersome Imitrex migraine medicine cardboard dispenser, which previously was quite an eyesore simply knocking about in my bags. Otherwise, I also carry my 6-key cles, chapstick, lipgloss, 1-2 packages of Orbitz gum (sometimes I need variety, ;) ), and my cell phone. It easily fits all of this inside comfortably. I am using the orange chevre one. I bought both an orange and a violet, but gave the violet to my best friend. I am seriously considering buying another one, perhaps the PM (although the GM is great), in order to further organize the inside of my bags. Please let me know if you would like any measurements or if I can tell you anything further, :smile: . I have been quite pleased with mine and love the burst of color in my bags.
  3. Love the measurements, S-G when you get a minute. I need to return a scarf and thought I'd put that credit towards the Karo but kinda want pre-purchase info.........

    Maybe I wouldn't need the Bagmate then?
  4. Shopmom, I love the Karo cases, I have the small one to my cell phone keys tissues and lipstic, and the big one for pens sunglasses, and a bunch more stuff!, I keep them both when I use a HAC or birkin, or just one when using a kelly.
  5. I like the practicality of the bagmate, but it seemed too much like a bag-in-bag...and is not leather, I love the karo in part because it is chevre, and can be a clutch in case of just a grocery store run.
  6. Ok, so maybe the large Karo might work!!!! But now, does it come in any leather other than Epsom (NOT my favorite)? And if so, which would be a good leather for sturdiness and durability?
  7. Oops, we cross posted, Ava. So it DOES come in Chevre??? Yaay!
  8. I don't own one, but I've seen a few and they're all in Chevre, the ones I've seen are in Vert Anis I think, soooo pretty.
  9. I agree that it is best to have pre-purchase info! btw, I have it in chevre and it is lovely, yet quite soft. It is lined in something like cosmetic case material. These were originally made as pencil cases, so the interiors are completely washable.

    So here on the best measurements, please allow for a slight margin of error;) :

    Length: 7.5 in.
    Height: 5 in.
    Width: 2 in. @ base and 1 in. @ top (it tapers)

    I hope this will help you a bit. I will look forward to hearing about your decision, :smile: .
  10. Yup, I have one to match your kelly, a raisin and a red one.:yes: ...still hoping for a black one, in either chevre, box or epsom for that one.
  11. D, gotta run...but will post more later on the Karo--now that I have the Bagmate, I've put my Karo PM temporarily aside--didn't need it to store the makeup since the Bagmate had compartments for lipstick, mirror, etc.
  12. Pazt has the large one in vert anis. sooo pretty! she uses it as a makeup case but also showed me how she can also take it out and use it as a clutch as well. 2 for 1 deal!!! me likey!!
  13. If I don't put make-up, medication, hairbrush and kleenex inside, then my Karo GM can hold my wallet (quite big), keys, cellphone and some nicknacks easily. It totall works as an organizer within the bag as well as a stand-alone clutch. It's great.
  14. i have two...i keep one in my purse with a ton of stuff in it..from make-up keys, ashtma inhaler...purell....three lipstickes....pill box...hair elastics...it would hold my phone...and a lot more. you can totally go out with only that to the market or for the evening. but it is a great organizer....
  15. Sort of a bag within a bag.....this is a great idea!