Karmelsassy's collection and PCE buys!!!

  1. Hi Guys,
    Here are pics of my PCE purchases and my entire collection. I got the Signature Denim Large Tote and Patchwork scarf for PCE and I took them to work today for the first time:yahoo:. Can I say LOVE that bag:heart:!!!! I fit everything in there plus lunch :lol:! The rest of my collection are a mixture of boutique and outlet buys (I went to Orlando, Florida on vacation about a month ago and racked up)! Hope you enjoy!!!
    newcoachpics 046.jpg newcoachpics 049.jpg
  2. Great choices for PCE. I love your collection! Great colours!!
  3. Karmelsassy--your avitar is too cute!!!! I love it! :yahoo:
  4. Thanks Rapunzel...and to think, I usually don't gravitate to color handbags. But I LOVE every one of my babies :heart::smile:!!
  5. Thanks badkitty! I luvs the cats:heart:!
  6. You have beautiful stuff!
  7. Thanks shellyb17!!!
  8. Great Collection, That denim tote and scarf are to die for! :smile:
    ps... My kitties like to cuddle also lol.
  9. Great collection-love the variety!!
  10. Great collection!

    That indigo scarf you bought to match your tote is on my wish list!
  11. I love your collection. That coral satchel is darling. I love that color!
  12. I think we have the same soho sig hobo. What size is yours? And what color? My computer would not pull up the attachment :s
  13. Great variety!
    Thanks for sharing the photos - love to oogle other peoples collections:yes:
  14. Congrats!!!!
  15. Thanks! I didn't intend on buying the scarf but the SA talked me into it (it didn't take much to talk me into it though once I saw them together:tup:)