Karman's Hong Kong LV Shopping Blog

  1. Hi everyone!

    Almost every day I encounter something LV in the store, whether it's in a boutique or at a second hand shop. Instead of making random posts in random threads about it, or making new threads about it each time I see something new, I decided to make this shopping blog and record everything here! Of course I won't include things like "Today I saw a Speedy 25 at the store" or "Yesterday I tried on the _____________ and today I tried it on again. I also saw the ____________ again today." and you get the point!

    I hope you'll enjoy reading my posts in this thread as much as I'll enjoy writing in it! Please feel free to make comments!!

  2. Random days before:

    - The second hand shops here (I've visited three Milan Stations and one France Station so far) do have some rare/discontinued bags, but the prices on regular bags really aren't that great. I mean, I saw a used Popincourt sell for about $700 CAD when I could go back to Canada and pay another $150 to buy one brand new! I must say I'm a tad disappointed with the 2nd hand prices here. I guess I was expecting deals like let-trade and eBay!

    - some second hand shop rare/seasonal/discontinued/limited bag sightings:
    silver miroir Speedy, both miroir Papillons, two silver miroir Keepalls
    three brown/pink CB papillons (unfortunately none of them were in great condition, so I didn't buy any)
    pink trapeze GM
    lots of Mat bags
    mono Stephen
    embossed leather Alizée (sp?)

    - PINK LV BALMORAL FLATS!!! They were SO gorgeous IRL and cost $3880 HKD (around $550 CAD...eek!) and were my size but I couldn't justify spending so much for a pair of shoes. They were BRAND NEW though.

    - I think I've seen over 100 Speedys since coming to Asia now. Not to mention I see my cousin's Speedy every day too.

    - Don't see a lot of ladies carrying limited bags...mono is most popular. Haven't seen a lot of Damier, either.

    - All new MC bags, khaki LVOE tote, Patchwork denim, navy stripes, Eugenie wallet, MC/perle heart, Dentelle BV/Speedy/accessories available

    - Apparently all gold Dentelle bags are sold out here (last time I talked to my cousin about this at least) and it's true; there's tons of silver Dentelle available and the prices of the gold ones are CRAZZZYYY @ the second hand shops

    - I loved seeing the LV diamonds IRL. My favourite is the white gold/diamond monogram bracelet. That is a future purchase for me FOR SURE...maybe in like 15 years! :p I think one of the first things I'll buy for myself after getting a first paycheck though would be this on a white gold chain:
  3. - There are 6 LV locations in Hong Kong:
    Landmark (Central, flagship)
    Lee Gardens (Causeway Bay)
    Pacific Place (Admiralty)
    Peninsula (Tsim Tsa Tsui)
    Canton Road (")
    Chinachem DFS (")
    I've gone into two of them and walked by five of them. The last three are all in pretty much the same area so the bf and i will go to all three in one day when we go for buffet @ a 5-star hotel and I'll pick my partial birthday gift then.

    - Also saw black Squichy at France Station
  4. Keep posting Karman! Thanks!
  5. Awh sounds fun Karman! Have a great time!
    Arg i wish i could go to the second hand place to get that miroir papillon!!!!!
    Soo jelous!
  6. omg i love this karman! keep posting! its so fun to read your daily adventures with LV.
  7. ohhh i wanna take a holiday to HK nowww... :sad:

    thanks for posting karman!! :flowers:
  8. oooh it sounds like you are having so much fun! can't wait to hear more :biggrin:
  9. There are SIX? Oh that is so not fair. One of them needs to move here to Oklahoma lol.
  10. great idea karman! cheers for taking us along your holiday trip in HK! :smile:
  11. enjoying the read here, keep it going!:biggrin:
  12. Thanks for giving us a tour - I'm really interested in HK shopping
  13. May 9th-

    * bought grey obsession sunglasses and black mono shawl today

    * saw denim items IRL: cles, zippy, compact wallet, camera bag, fanny pack. The zippy in some pics online are misaligned but the one I saw was perfectly aligned. How odd.

    * saw new pastel and white sweet monogram jewelry!!! I LOVEEEE the new bangle. The thin chain bracelet is cute too. The white monogram jewelry comes with silver hardware and the pastel has gold hardware. I might have to buy an entire set in the white/silver combo. New items: ring, bangle, chain bracelet. Existing items: pendant, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, hair pin.

    *For those in Hong Kong, gold Dentelle items available in LV Pacific Place! I do like the gold speedy but...I'm not into Speedys.

    *Not really a shopping blog thing, but my cousin's friend owns a beige Antigua Cabas, and told her that the colours come off...that one, at least. So Antigua owners, beware!

    * "Ode" sunnies (I believe?) from SS07 collection (big round frames with gold monogram hammered brass arms) is around $4100 HKD, which is approx $585 CAD and under LV conversions, $545 USD. It *should* be around the same price as Obsession Landscape sunnies. Not a fan of the big round frames but loveee the arms

    * Saw this IRL, soooo cute!!!

    * For those interested, the diamond paved padlock charm is approx $144,000 HKD, which is $20,000 some CAD. EEK!
  14. Karman, I'm happy for you that you're having such a good time. At the same time, you're making me wish I was in Hong Kong sooo badly!!! Boo, I probably won't get a chance to go until probably December!!!

    PS- Buy more LV!!!
  15. ohh i love reading this! thanks for posting karman!