Karman's guide to removing/minimizing minor spots from vachetta!

  1. So I was cleaning my bags two nights ago...more specifically the Coussin GM because it has vachetta on the corners and they were getting rather dirty from me setting the bag down.

    I finally tried the magic eraser...and it worked quite well! I don't have pictures of the corners before/after cleaning because I didn't think there would be any noticeable results, but oh my the beautiful smooth patina'ed vachetta on my Coussin is now so gorgeous.

    I did do a before/after cleaning thing for a spot that was on the strap though. I'm not sure what it was from, because when I received the bag from an eBay seller last year, the spot was already there. It does look something like a smudged pencil mark, or maybe some smudged dirt, perhaps?

    Anyway, here are the results:



    You can still kind of see where the spot was, but at least I had difficulties finding the spot IRL! So I've compiled a little guide for those who would like to try this out.

    I have to put a warning here though, as with any unofficial LV cleaning process/method, TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am NOT responsible for ANY damage these procedures may cause to your precious bag!!
    I also do not recommend doing this on new/light patina vachetta.

    Here's what you'll need:
    - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (the one with the white upper half and blue lower half...the regular ones are good enough)
    - Apple Leather Conditioner, or an equivalent leather conditioner
    - Clean cotton cloth
    - Something to block your nose (I'll explain later)

    Here's what to do:

    1. Keep the magic eraser dry at all times. I found that it isn't more effective if it's wet.

    2. Gently "stroke" the spot with a corner of the white part of the magic eraser. Try to stroke in one direction to prevent damaging/thinning the leather (if that's even possible)

    *At this point, you may start to notice that the vachetta where you're rubbing becomes lighter and drier. Do not panick! There may also be some flaking/dusting. I suspect this is from the magic eraser rather than the leather...because...well, leather doesn't just flake off like that. This is where the nose-blocking may come in handy. I did this without covering my nose and ended up sneezing all night*

    3. You may notice that the white magic eraser has brown colour to it...for me it was definitely the dirt. At this point your vachetta may look brittle and dry. Blow off any dusties/flakies that may be on there.

    4. Squeeze a couple drops of leather conditioner onto the vachetta.

    5. Rub the conditioner lightly into the leather using the cotton cloth...then buff gently. You will notice that where the vachetta was lighter, it will be restored to its original colour.

    * When rubbing the spot with the magic eraser, DON'T RUB TOO HARD! If you do then you will actually begin sanding off the surface of the vachetta and even after conditioning the leather (it will be restored to its original texture) you will notice that the leather is lighter at those parts. Be very gentle!*

    Well, I hope this helps...the above procedure did remove that spot from the strap of my Coussin, and hopefully it'll help you in some way.

    Good luck!
    magicerase1.jpg magicerase.jpg
  2. Thanks karman! I'm going to give it a try once I get me some good leather conditioner!
  3. I love Mr Clean Magic Eraser!! Had no idea it could be used on vachetta. Thanks for the tips!
  4. Fab guide Karman! Thank you!!!! The white eraser certainly helps remove any black dirt marks on vachetta (new or old), but I agree on not rubbing it too hard...thanks again!
  5. thanks
  6. Thanks for the great reference Karman! I'll have to try this on my Panda Cles once I get home on Friday night. :wlae:

    Maybe I too can take before/after pics of the results! :yahoo:
  7. many thanks karman! i just took my tulum out of the box and noticed some slight dirt marks that i didn't clean before putting it away.....so i'll give it a try!
  8. thanks i have to go get me a magic eraser now and find the apple leather conditioner i bought 2 months ago
  9. Thanks for the great info.
  10. thanks karman for the guide !!
  11. Thanks Karman!!! I don't know if you remember my cerises speedy from last year that I did all the baby wipes on? Well...I'm still not 100% satisfied with it...but I didn't try to Magic Eraser....I am going to grab that baby one of these weekends and use the Magic Eraser and see what it does!
  12. Very helpful guide! Thanks!
  13. Thank you so much :tup:
  14. Thanks for your tips ..Karman....:tup:

    Ok.. I've to bookmark this page!
  15. You're welcome everybody!! I really hope this helps and that some of you will get good results!!