karman's Chanel Collection

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  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    I started buying Chanel just under 5 years ago, a year after I turned 18 and got hooked on designer brands. I started with Louis Vuitton, but one day the Chanel quilting caught my eye and so I was set on getting a Chanel to add to my collection. The price of a Chanel could have bought me 2-3 Louis Vuittons, so I said to myself my first would probably be my only.

    That, of course, didn't happen...even though I kept acquiring pieces the high price of Chanel kept me from getting out of control (plus I was still collecting Louis Vuitton until about 2008-2009). Nowadays the prices are borderline outrageous so my purchases lately have mostly just been costume jewelry. Over the years though, I have acquired some very nice pieces. Please allow me to share :smile:

    This is how I store my bags...CJ's are stacked neatly in their boxes in columns on a shelf just under the left bottom corner of this picture...
  2. I am looking forward to seeing all your goodies!
  3. I'll start with the costume jewelry first:

    Pearl and pink gingham bead bracelet from 11C - I love pink and my favorite pattern is gingham so I HAD to have this. Would've loved the matching necklace too!

    10P (I believe the collection's name was Coco Rider) necklace - so dainty! Looks adorable with a polo.

    00V classic CC necklace - this was my first Chanel necklace ever

    10P "Infinity" necklace - I love bows too so this was a must have for me
  4. When it comes to costume jewelry, my weakness is earrings. I have to have more. My SA knows I am addicted to them.

    Back row, left to right:

    10P Coco Rider studs

    12A Charming Chic black and gold studs

    12A black and gunmetal studs - wish I could still find the white and gold version!

    00V Classic CC Crystal studs - these are technically my first Chanel purchase ever! I have had these for 5 years and still wear these from time to time. Probably my go-to pair of Chanel earrings.

    Middle row, left to right:

    12P pearl CC studs - I have always wanted the old version but have seen too many a pair with missing pearls. My SA assured me these would be more secure!

    00V Classic CC Crystal studs (Version 2) - I bought these in 2010 and I think that was the first season they showed up. They are much thicker looking than the other pair but were very reasonably priced at about $170 CAD when I got them!

    11P CC Crystal studs - I don't remember the collection name but I think it may have been Scattered CC or something like that? Or maybe it's Bubbles? I'm not sure...

    Front row, left to right:

    00V Art Deco studs - I initially bought these to wear on my wedding day but in the end wore a pair of CC pearl dangles instead...They are super gorgeous though and are crazy sparkly. And at around $200 CAD the price couldn't be beat.

    00V Mini Classic CC crystal studs - I bought these with the full intention of making them my every day earrings, however, my ears are not pierced at the exact same location at both ears and these earrings really showcase that, even though with larger studs/dangle earrings you could never tell...
  5. I can't wait to see these pieces!!! :woohoo:
  6. More earrings...

    Back row, left to right:

    11A bow dangle earrings - bows. Had to have them. Even though they were $500 CAD I think and way more than the typical $200-$400 I'm willing to spend on one pair, I couldn't resist them, especially since I had seem them in previous seasons and was disappointed to have missed them back then.

    10P Coco Country daisy dangle earrings

    Front row, left to right:

    95P No. 5 and No. 19 crystal earrings - When I came across these earrings on eBay I thought it was meant to be. DH and I were set to get married on May 19 and so these earrings were...perfect. I had intended to wear them on my wedding day but unfortunately they didn't go with my wedding dress in the end. The little chains are very delicate and get caught in my long hair all the time so I actually still haven't gotten around to wearing them for a full day yet!

    10P Infinity bow earrings - to match the necklace!

    10A pearl dangle earrings - Chanel always uses glass pearls for their CJ's but this pair has real freshwater pearls. I love, love, love wearing pearls as well so I had to buy these. I ended up wearing these on my wedding day :smile:

    00V teardrop earrings - I had my SA look for these for me so I could wear them to my convocation/banquet... they're so sparkly and very well priced too (under $200 CAD IIRC)!
  7. And my necklaces...

    In the first picture:

    00V pearl necklace with 5 crystal CC's - I got this brand new on eBay for a killer price. I love it and wear it often!

    11A Winter Rose pearl necklace - the detailing of this necklace is absolutely amazing (for example the picture I have as my avatar)... for more detailed pics here is the thread I posted the day I got it: http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/winter-rose-pearl-necklace-pictures-703140.html

    In the second picture is the 12A pearl necklace/pendant that I just got a few days ago. You can wear it at 2 different lengths...I posted modeling pics in this post: http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/post-chanel-hiatus-double-reveal-whos-in-775376.html#post22901725
    IMG_4154.JPG IMG_4157.JPG
  8. And here is all my costume jewelry together...minus the 12A pearl pendant since I did not buy it yet when I took this group shot:
  9. My two pieces of Chanel eyewear... prescription glasses and sunglasses (with bows! Surprise, surprise...)
  10. My cherished J12's. I never really considered buying a J12 since I stopped wearing watches when I was still in school and never saw the need for one. As a working professional, however, I found myself needing one earlier this year because checking my phone just for the time was beginning to be too much for me, especially in meetings (since it seems rude).

    I started with a white J12 since it looked better on me than the black, but I wear black all the time in the office so along came the black J12 too a few months later.

    They are both 33mm. I'm looking at the chromatic 33mm now too :graucho: but probably won't get it for awhile...

  11. LOVE LOVE the white j12 :smile:
  12. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pieces with us. :smile:
  13. And here are my small leather goods and WOC's:

    00V black caviar L-Zip wallet - my first and only Chanel wallet

    11P Act 2 red patent Camellia WOC - the color is gorgeous IRL. It has a slight metallic sheen to it.

    10A silver lambskin classic WOC - I wanted a jumbo really badly in this color, but was concerned it'd be too flashy. Plus, my boutique didn't get any...This was a nice compromise!

    11P red lambskin card holder - perfect for holding my cards when I'm using smaller bags! A must have small leather accessory for every Chanel owner IMO.

    11A bronze washed caviar half moon WOC - My boutique only got one each of the bronze and dark silver in. I wanted the dark silver but was only 2nd in line whereas I was first for the bronze. My SA's convinced me this was the better of the 2 anyway, and it was different than other pieces I had in my collection... super roomy and perfect for traveling.

    I left out my red Chanel jacket key/card holder in the group shot...
    I don't remember what season this was from but I bought it at the same time as the L-Zip wallet so it must have been...10A? Anyway, I love the cute Chanel jacket on the front. It's my most used Chanel accessory since I always have it in my purse. I use it to hold all of my club and membership cards.
    IMG_4159.JPG IMG_4160.JPG
  14. Onto bags...

    Black washed caviar accordion flap with SHW - a very roomy bag, it holds everything I need.

    Black caviar GST with GHW - this was my first Chanel bag. After 5 years of (sometimes heavy) usage, it still looks pretty good. I think the sagging at the corners is inevitable... unless you don't use it very often, the leather is bound to soften. When I got it in 2007 the caviar was very stiff and I could barely keep the bag under my arm. Today, the leather is still very sturdy, however, the corners have soften up a bit.
  15. Nice cj collection! I love your necklaces and sunnies.