Karmaloop Letdown!

  1. Okay -I just got a bag I ordered from Karmaloop today & I am disappointed to say the least. The bag had no tags on it -price & qee "booklet" gone-, the qee was not in a bag, the decorative chain is missing, AND there is a small blackish smudge on it. Also, it does not "fold" down easily & has a puffy appearance (it's a ciao) which gives me the impression that someone had & used this bag for sometime before returning it. Granted, I did pay below retail b/c I was able to use a rep code, but there was no indication that I'd be getting a used bag. I'm mad, but I think they will just tell me to send it back to get a refund, but I want the bag -I just think they should give me some $/credit back (like $20 or something). Does anyone have some advice to offer??? I'm close to telling them to EAB!!! :cursing:
  2. wow. I dunos, I would contact customer service ASAP and tell them the condition of the bag. I would definitely ask for a full refund or at least another bag in pristine condition!!!
  3. I suggest you try contacting their customer service and talk to them about it first before making any decisions. They might've made a mistake at the warehouse and sent the wrong thing? It certainly shouldn't be used in that manner IMO. If they refuse to work with you then I'd start making demands and stuff
  4. Wow.. Definitely contact them immediately. That's so uncool. :tdown:
    I'm sorry that happened! Hope they work it out with you!!
  5. I suggest calling them (1-877-GO KARMA) so that you can speak with a live person, rather than using their customer support e-mail service. The e-mail support will probably just tell you to send the bag back for a refund.
  6. that really sux :tdown: i'm surprised a store wouldn't check the condition of returns or the product before sending it out. call customer service and let them know the condition of the bag and see if they'll send u a new one and reimburse ur shipping charges.
  7. Same thing happened to me but from Tobi :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    I ordered a famiglia caramella and it came w/the chain attached to the zipper :confused1:the qee was out of the bag and there was a huge black smudgy stain on the front of the bag :cursing:

    I figured that it was a return but then I went to their website and noticed I got the exact caramella shown on their site so they must have taken the chain off to photograph it and taken the qee out of the bag as well. My stain came off w/ a Mr. Clean Magic eraser too so I'm pretty sure mine isn't used but I paid full price for it. :wtf:

    I can't believe they don't look at their stuff before sending it out. I feel like these companies think we're idiots like we won't notice. Did you call Karmaloop Shark?
  8. THAT TOTALLY SUCKS!!!! ugghhhh
    You gotta call them right away, and yes speak to a real live person-Hopefully they will either replace the bag with a brand spanking new one or give you a refund. I really believe that they do not see what a big deal owning a tokidoki bag is. :shrugs:
  9. wow that's a shame!! Whoever packaged the bag to ship should have noticed that something was wrong but they probably didn't care or thought you wouldn't notice. Although it's hard to not notice that a qee and cards are missing and that there's a black smudge ...

    def. call up customer service. I hope they do something for you because this is not acceptable!!
  10. i would be so angry. i would return the bag and demand a new one and some kind of discount for you inconvenience.
  11. Thanks, everybody! I did call the store & after the 3rd day of talking to someone, they gave me a partial re-fund so I'm satisfied w/things. They also apologized for the bag arriving as it did. It was a little annoying things didn't get settled w/the first call, but glad it finally was worked-out. So, if I could figure out how to edit my original post I'd delete the "mad thumb"...but I can't find the edit button, so...Sorry if thread got bumped-up, but wanted to say thanks for everyone's help!
  12. I'm glad you finally got it worked out! :tup:
    And thanks for updating us; I always want to hear about how stores handle problems.
  13. yay! yup I'm glad things worked out eventually too! :yes: