1. Hi guys,

    I'm quite new to here and I have a quick/urgent question so I didn't have time to look through all the threads... :smile: So please help...Does karmaloop.com sell real tokidoki? What about bazaaradriatic.com? I'm sure I must be missing the sticky of the stores.... But I need quick answers... Thanks!
  2. okay, I found bazaaradriatic is real? any discount codes?

    what about karmaloop.com?

    I found the sticky on how to tell real/fake tokidoki bags but what about shirts? thanks!
  3. im quite sure karmaloop is real, even the toki blog has stuff about them (as well as a 10% off code :tup:)

    iv never herd of bazaaradriatic i think i need to check them out :graucho:
  4. ^which blog are you referring to? lol, where's the code? thanks for replying so quick! I went through about 6 pages of the tokidoki vendors thread...am I looking in the wrong one? thanks
  5. All of karmaloop's brands are guaranteed authentic, including Tokidoki. I've purchased a lot of stuff from them before.

    edit to add: I just checked out bazaaradriatic.com, and all of their Toki looks legit to me.
  6. http://tokidokiblog.wordpress.com/
    ^^ theres the link
    the link for the cupon code is on the right side

    that blog is awesome, it has a (pretty complete) toki bag archive and it updates pretty often:tup::tup:

    oh it also has a how to spot a fake toki bag guide :yes:
  7. oohhh...thx so much!!
  8. karmaloop and bazaaradriatic are legit retailers online!! :smile: tokidoki-wear is hard to get in B&M(real) store
    so thank goodness for online retailers who sell tokidoki!!

    some give discounts like free shipping or 10% off too!!
    right now tokidokiblog says trendystars tokidoki clothes are 10% off with code!! Get it now before they're gone

    i've shopped online @ these legit sites for tokidoki: thegiantpeach(highly recommended), azalea/tobi, karmaloop (use lambfashionista's rep code for 20% ur first purchase @ karmaloop), metropark...

    other legit retailers:
    giant robot
    purist boutique
  9. Actually for your first purchase at Karmaloop.com you can get 20% off, by using a rep code. Mine is VL15870, and I know others have them as well (including Tokidoki blog).
  10. thanks for all the great advice guys!!
  11. karmaloop has really great stuff as some of you may know but if you use the code Cy15686 you get 20 % off the bag which is great for me. oh yeah and it goes in the rep code space at checkout. enjoy it like i did .
  12. i just wish that on karmaloop you could use the rep code and a free shipping code together. They don't let you stack coupons which is a bummer :tdown:
  13. Yeah if you stack, the discount becomes something like 2% off :blah:
  14. I wish they would let us stack codes too.. but the 20% off is already better than any other coupon I have right now for the latest prints. I am anxiously awaiting Karmaloop's shipment of Trasporto bags!