Karmaloop.com 20% off & $10 giftcodes

  1. So I figured I would promote Karmaloop.com on this board since I'm a rep for them.
    The info is on the banner in my signature.
    I'm also offering $10 giftcodes to people who make a purchase using the 20% off code to go toward their next buy on the site so you can message me about that.
  2. do you know when they are restocking on the paul frank lipstick necklace.
    I wanted that so badly and got sidetracked and now it's sold out :sad:
  3. No they aren't
    They still have the tote with the lipstick on it though if that helps.
  4. thanks for the info -
    I should have picked up that necklace when I first saw it.
    oh welll..
  5. the 20% off is on top of the sale price? whopeee...im browsing it now. i buy from that site from time to time through my friend in NY. I am here in the Phils so he ships those to me!

    when is the deadline?
  6. There's no deadline. You can use the code whenever you shop there. You get 20% off the first time you use it, and 10% off every time after that.
  7. it does work! but it wouldnt work with the UNCLE free shipping code though... oh well! nevertheless....20% is pretty good already