Karma System

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering why there isn't a karma system here as there often are on other forums. I find it's nice to drop someone some karma with a little note to explain why I've appreciated their post, and it brings a smile to my face when I find others have done the same for me! There are so many fantastic people on here who freely offer their time and advice on many varied matters.. I guess it just feels a little more special to take the time to give karma rather than simply popping a 'thanks' into the thread.

    I know an exalt/smite system could bring problems, as people don't often appreciate being smote (?!), but just good ol' karma I think would be nice. Has this been considered for tPF before? I'd be curious to hear others' thoughts on the notion.

    Franks :heart:

    P.S. - :tpfrox:
  2. Hmmm...
    I was a member of another board that used the Karma system; it was abused by some of the board's members to punish/mark their enemies.
    Plus so-called Karma whoring threads were opened, thereby cluttering the board.
    Now, I don't know if anyone here has the b**** to openly attack another (hated) member with the karma system, but I don't want to find out.
  3. No, I think it's a really bad idea. Mostly for the same reasons stated above and because I don't really see any purpose for it.
  4. i think you can 'give' karma by just saying 'thank you'. isn' this kinda the same?
  5. I thought I said in my first post why it felt different to just saying thank you?! Anyway, I was just wondering is all, as I've not seen problems on other forums I use that just have a system for giving only positive feedback rather than negative feedback too. Each person's karma there is viewable only by them, so there's no public 'score' to create karma whore threads over. I guess it's just a more personal way of saying thanks. *shrugs* [​IMG]
  6. we actually tried a similar system last year and it was a total distaster! Not sure if Vlad is keen on anything remotely related again:shrugs:
  7. We did try something similar and people began to go after those they did not like right away... and then it was like we were play ground mediators. It was horrible!!

    Let me ask Vlad though! A suggestion is always appreciated!
  8. I'm not a member of any other boards so I haven't come across this system in action before. Can someone explain in a little more detail how it works and how it causes problems? I'm a little slow. :shame:
  9. Ahh, I see. I asked because it's on so many other boards I figured it must have been considered at some stage, and was curious as to your thoughts on it!

    Lvbabydoll it's just a function that appears under your username by your posts.. if you like someone's post for whatever reason, you can click on that button and leave them karma. When you do this, a box appears and you type into this why you appreciated what they'd written. It's just something a bit more personal than the old 'thanks' in a thread, and it's nice to log in and go to your user profile to see who's left you karma since you were last online. Nobody else can see your karma 'score' or read comments left for you, so it's wholly personal and therefore there's no opportunity for publicly slagging off others or for a karma/popularity contest. If it's only present as a function for leaving pleasant "I loved this post because" notes for others, it's a nice way to say something to somebody without clogging up a thread, and in a less formal way than pming someone (which pretty much seems like you require a response). You can sort of just drop them off some thanks or well wishes without any further conversation started or time required, if you see what I mean. There are times I've wanted to do this, being used to it on other boards, but it's not available and the reason for comment isn't quite enough for a pm. It's just nice and simple. :smile:
  10. Ohh I get it. Thanks for explaining!
  11. The karma system is not the same thing as the reputation system that we ran on a trial last year. Karma is indeed invisible, I will look into implementing it. It's pretty much a way to say 'thanks' to a person's forum contribution and is only visible to the user directly.
  12. I like the idea of karma which is invisible but not reputation which just gets abused. On another board I belong to, getting a little note from someone who appreciated my post would bring a smile to my face! But on yet another board I belong to where reputation was visible, I felt that it was a system that was for favorites, not simply for a nice post. KWIM?
  13. I agree. I think that you will appreciate it a lot more if someone takes the time to actually make a comment on your post than if they just click something.

    Aside from that, it sounds like it could involve a lot more work for the management. This is a very large and varied forum, and the management has plenty to do already!
  14. I'm old-fashioned and not too computer literate (Vlad knows this well)--I just PM a brief note regarding a post that I esp.liked or found helpful. Whatever you tried last year must've been before I joined. I think things run really well here.
  15. have you guys thought about using the thanks button? that works pretty good for us :smile: