Karma- Sad, but funny story

  1. Some of you might have read my previous thread about my awful roommate who used my kitchen pots to vomit in. Well, since then, I've moved out and gotten my own place and love it! I wish that I had decided to live alone sooner!

    Since I was the lease holder for the old apartment, I had to switch all the information to my roommate's so she would be the lease holder. I have been trying to get her parents to sign the lease (since they were co-signing) since the beginning of July, and they have been refusing to co-operate. So finally, last Friday, the 28th, they signed the new lease agreement that made them the lease holder and responsible for the apartment starting July 1, when the lease was originally printed out.

    Anywho... This entire month, I was in the process of moving out and I moved most of my stuff out of my old apartment on July 22nd, and left some stuff in my bedroom that I couldn't pack up since I ran out of boxes and it was stuff that I didn't need at the moment. I moved to Santa Clara, which is about 45 miles south of San Francisco, so throughout the week, I went back once or twice to pick up some of the things. I have a mustang, and anywho who has one knows that the trunk and backseat area are TINY and cannot fit much at all. Since I couldn't take everything with me, I decided to go back last weekend for the rest of my stuff.

    My roommate was planning on moving her stuff into my bedroom after I moved out since I had the master bedroom and she was planning on having 3 other girls move in with her to make the rent more afforadable and she wanted to share the bigger bedroom. Before I left the week before, I told her that I was going to come back on Saturday, the 29th, for the rest of my stuff. She didn't say anything, so I left. Well, on Saturday, I walk in to my apartment and find her and her parents there, IN MY BEDROOM. THEY HAD MOVED ALL OF MY STUFF OUT OF MY BEDROOM INTO THE LIVING ROOM. I was SHOCKED! :wtf: They even threw my groceries that were in my kitchen cuboard onto the living room floor!!

    I grabbed all of my stuff from the living room floor and loaded it into the car and decided to come back later for the rest of my clothes that were in my closet. So Sunday morning, at 5:30, I woke up steaming mad at what they did to me and decided to just go back to the apartment right then and get the rest of my clothes before they decide to throw those on the floor, too. When I walked into the apartment, no one was home, so I collected the rest of my things. By that time, she had already set up her furniture in my bedroom and just looking at it there while I was taking my clothes out of the closet pissed me off :yucky: So on a whim, I decided to take all of her bedroom furniture out into the living room, like what her parents did to me, and I left a note on her desk that read "I paid rent for July. You are not allowed in my bedroom until Aug 1." And I left. I know, kinda immature, but I thought they deserved a taste of their own medicine, especially after throwing my food on the floor like I'm a dog.

    Well, later, I found out from a mutual friend that the 3 girls that were supposed to move in with my old roommate bailed out on her Saturday night! Now she's stuck with a two bedroom apartment that costs $2150 a month. When I first found out about it, I felt bad for her, and then I thought, well, that's Karma!! :wlae: (and I'm glad they signed the lease agreement the day before otherwise they would have left the apartment in my name and made me deal with the mess!)
  2. I never had a roommate and now I know why....
  3. Hahahaha good one. She's probanbly fuming mad!
  4. Hahah... LOVE IT!

    Good for you!! :smile:
  5. I can understand why you got mad. She had no right throwing your stuff on the living room floor.

    She is probably freaking out now that she has the place to herself.
  6. :lol:
  7. Wow! Sorry the drama continued but thanks for the rest of the story and glad you are outta there!!
  8. Wow, she totally had that coming!
  9. I'm just glad you're out of there and at your new place!!!
  10. OMG!! Thank goodness your pots will not be puked in anymore though. LOL
  11. :roflmfao:

    i'm glad things worked out for you! i had one roomie back in first year college...never again!
  12. lol I love your story! I think you should have thrown up in one of her bowls and left it on the counter for her since she's so used to cleaning it "all the time." :P
  13. ^^ Lol
  14. Thanks for the update! LOL! I'm so happy for you now that you've found a place of your own. Enjoy it b/c you deserve it.
  15. I'm glad you're out of there. :biggrin:

    Though moving her furniture out ... I wouldn't have had enough energy to do that! :biggrin: