Karma for Non-responsive Seller

  1. So a pair of shoes I liked came up for auction, and I emailed the seller with a question. I gave up after a few days and decided I would not buy from a seller who would not answer a simple question. I would have bought the shoes at his BIN price of $69 and paid immediately. The auction ended last night (he never did get back to me) and the shoes only sold for $36. Moral of the story: not responding to potential buyers can cost you a lot of money. I am tempted to send him a message to this effect, but I figure I won't waste my time.
  2. I understand what you feel with non-responding email but perhaps there's trouble or error in their email or inbox system and your msg didn't reach them ? :shrugs: poor seller...
  3. Katheryn, I'm with ya girl, I hate when sellers don't respond... my thing is just to move on.

    I will say though, I once had a handbag up for auction and got tons of questions about it. I tried really hard to answer them all, but one I missed. Anyway, after the auction ended the person that asked the question *did* email me, and called me a "fool" for not responding, as they would have paid more. Although I felt bad, I apologized but then said it had been an honest mistake, and that I'd rather sell to someone for less than to someone who would call me names :yes: So you never know... but I know, non-responsive sellers are frustrating!
  4. I know exactly what you mean. A lot of seller lose money because they never respond to emails. Oh well, their loss.
  5. I have had problems with eBay's mail system too though and have missed out on questions because of this. sometimes it takes days for a message to get to me :sad:

    This might not be the problem in this seller's case though, some people are just plain lazy...