Karl Lagerfeld on NM site

  1. I just got that "Love Karl" shirt yesterday.
  2. I purchased the pink, fluttery dress from the line at Neiman's a few weeks ago. Can't wait to wear it! Some really pretty things from the line.
  3. Yeah ... I like that Tee too ... but I wonder if the 'LARGE' is really true-to-size or uses the "Celeb" sizing (in other words, TINY!). For gals like me who have boobs (no - NOT the fake kind), a lot of the 'designer' tees are too small for me; drives me crazy (of course, the husband doesn't mind!).
  4. Same thing happens to me! I am not really big so usually I wear a small shirt, but I have a full C so designer tees can get all messed up on me! Then it looks funny. I would love the shirt if I found it in the store and got to try it on! So cute (and expensive)! :idea:
  5. I love the white skinny jeans.
  6. The collection isn't selling well at NM. It's basically a waterdowned Lagerfeld Gallery collection. Too much hype. One of my friends is a designer on the line. Karl Lagerfeld merely signed off on the designs (he maybe went to the office only twice).

    There are some nice pieces that reflect the current skinny jeans, shrunken vest look that's popular in Hollywood ... but you can get similar pieces from other designers.
  7. That shirt is meant to be somewhat oversized ... so L is probably just a normal size L. :lol:

  8. I like some pieces from the men's line- it looks a lot like Dior Homme though.
  9. Yeah. That's because Karl Lagerfeld almost exclusively wears Dior Homme. It's his asethetic: skinny monochromatic clothes.