Karl Lagerfeld leaving Chanel!?

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  1. So I know this is just a rumor but page six (I know, I know - hardly reliable!) is reporting that Chanel's upcoming resort show in Cuba will be Karl Lagerfeld's last.

    I read the story on Fashionista.com: http://fashionista.com/2016/04/designer-rumors

    Obviously there's no way of knowing for sure but I'm curious what people's thoughts are if this does turn out to be true.

    Would you be devastated to see him leave or excited to see new life breathed into Chanel?
  2. In my honest opinion, KL has done very little good to weigh out most of the bad. I'm not sorry to see him go.
  3. I read somewhere (here, maybe?) that Hedi Slimane is being considered to take his place.
  4. He doesn't have much in designs in bags anyway. or shoes, jewelry, etc.

    These are all done by Chanel artists and design team and he overlooks it.

    I think he is VERY Chanel and brought the brand back to where it is now. Chanel is Karl and Karl is Chanel. But I would be curious to see what would happen under new fresh blood.
    I love the Marketing Chanel does that ties Coco into every collection and Karl embodied it very well.
    They need to stick to the same formula.
  5. I am not shocked...the man is in his 80s. No wonder he's tired!
  6. I vote for Slimane! He has done such an exceptional job at Saint Laurent! With him leaving, it's just perfect timing!
  7. I totally agree with sjunky !!
  8. Having worked in public relations in the past, Page Six tends to be reliable when it comes to what they put on print. They have eyes and ears everywhere so I wouldn't be surprised if this was indeed true.
  9. yaay he is boring and just made chanel more expensive so we can cover his "muse" costs...
  10. I would LOVE to see Slimane's take on the Boy bag.
  11. Wow, if this is true and Hedi Slimane were to get the job, yikes! Not sure what this would mean for Chanel. When he took over at YSL...he wanted to change so much about the iconic fashion house, including changing the name to Saint Laurent. He was very grunge rock and roll. I did love some of the bags...and the boots were amazing until the season with the wellies!
  12. Alber Elbaz... I'm just surprised he's still heading up so many projects. I doubt with a new designer, they will let up on the price increases.
  13. Haha this is true! He doesn't strike me as the type to take lots of holidays either!
  14. Oo this is interesting to know! I thought it was the equivalent of a gossip rag in the UK (i.e. not to be trusted at all!).
  15. I agree... I think Slimane did a great job of revitalising the brand but if he were to do the same thing at Chanel... I think I would feel very overprotective of the brand!! :lol: