Karl Lagerfeld Handbags

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  1. I was browsing through the Lord & Taylor sale section and found a few Karl Lagerfeld Paris bags on sale. They are advertised as leather and have some cute designs and colors. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these handbags.
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  2. I saw a few very snobby sounding posts a while back laughing at this line - I don't understand why. They are very pretty and they are moderately priced. That's a good combination to me. Here are mine:
    This one reminds me of the LV Montaigne - which I cannot afford. It's nappa leather
    I have this saffiano tote style in a large size (comes with a matching pouch)
    and a smaller size with a detachable cross body strap
    And there's this little saffiano purse
  3. Wow they are all really nice! I really like the design of the first black one. I had a feeling there might be some snobby posts but I think bags can be beautiful and quality even if they aren't premier designers.
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  4. Well, Karl Lagerfeld couldn't be any more of a premier designer (Chanel), could he? This is just a very low cost line for him. There's a lot of new stuff that's super pretty, and affordable. I really like them.
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  5. You're absolutely right! I'm glad I discovered his line. I'm also eyeing some of his shoes. Lord and Taylor has 15% off sale and regular and 20% off clearance and they carry a lot of his line.
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  6. Oh, yeah! I always buy on sale there.
  7. Lovely bags!
  8. I was so tempted :smile:

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  9. Most of these bags are inspired by premier bag designs. Some of which Karl himself oversaw at Chanel such as the reissue updates and Boy bag. (Which kind of cracks me up. Is it inspired if the same guy carries his design across his brands? LOL!) So since I'm a huge fan of Chanel, I find the designs of a lot of these attractive. And I'm a big proponent of getting exactly the bag you want regardless of what others like. So if you love these - yay! It's great to get a great bag at a deal price.

    I can't speak to long term quality because I don't own one. So, the only problem I see in getting these bags would be resale. They aren't as well known and popular as other bags (inspired or not) at this price point like Coach and MK. So if you sell your bags (like I do when I tire of them) you may want to always wait and get them on sale. To this point, I'm still loving his cute robot tote and plan to snag one when the prices plummet on eBay.
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    Where did you see these? I would love to see them up close.

    Edited to add: found them on the Lord & Taylor website.
  11. Karl is a genius! I am glad he is having an affordable line of bags.
    I haven't seen them IRL but they look very pretty to me.:smile::heart:
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  12. I love Karl!
    I think it is hilarious that he (kind of) knocked off his own line. (Chanel) Gotta love a guy that doesn't take himself so seriously!
    I have a couple of Karl bags and I like them! They are not luxury but are fun and to me seem comparable to Michael Kors or Coach.
  13. IMG_1031.JPG
    Here's my two Karl bags.
    (The lambskin one is really luscious lambskin!)
  14. Hi! Yes, I have one or two from Lord & Taylor, and love them! They are Chevron leather and very nice! Oh one looks exactly like the Chanel boy flap bagI also have a couple I purchased at TJ Maxx and love them. I just think he is a magnificent designer, so I couldn't pass them up! Did you buy the cute bag from the pic you posted? That looks like mine. I have a gorgeous camel leather one, from Saks I think, or possibly Lord and Taylor, can't remember.
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  15. Well he is a premier designer! Some of his more affordable bags are simply gorgeous~!
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