Karl Lagerfeld clearly not rating Mulberry too highly

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  1. At Paris Fash Week, he was speaking to an interviewer and said 'the UK doesn't have anything to rival the big French design houses, except maybe Burberry'. I though instantly of Mulberry - clearly haven't reached the dizzy heights yet via the price increases....
  2. I'll be honest, I never pay much attention to what Lagerfeld says, he just likes to generate controversy I think. If I remember rightly he didn't think much of YSL either.
  3. Even though I love Mulberry, there is a fact that Mulberry is not so popular outside the UK, for example in Asia or France, Germany...If you go the big deparment store like KaDeWe in Berlin, Mulberry is in a very little conner together with other brands unlike huge Prada, Miumiu, LV....
  4. I think lots of British brands do not want to rival the French houses. Bruce Oldfield, Nicolas Oakwell, Catherine Walker have no desire to be like Chanel.

    Mulberry isn't in Chanel's league - nowhere near.
  5. I do agree that as an overall brand, Mulberry is not in the same league as Chanel. Mainly because Chanel came from couture background, they've been around longer, while Mulberry started off in handbags. But if you're talking about the quality of the bags itself, i have to say the craftmanship of Mulberry older bags is superb. And Mulberry does knows what they're talking about in relation to bags.
  6. I think Lagerfeld would be mainly talking about RTW in that context. And Mulberry's RTW isn't exactly its mainline offering when you think about the brand.

    When I think about UK in a fashion sense, it's much more about the young up-and-coming designers, the whole Central St Martins bunch. And that's exciting in a different way from Paris/Milan.
  7. When I think about KLs own line I'm embarrassed for him!

    Yes he has access to the very best of everything at Chanel but take a look at a piece of KL clothing and it is truly, truly awful !!!
  8. Yes, I do agree. It's just the direction, and frankly the prices, are trying to place Mulberry in a different league - clearly not convincing the fashionazi just yet!
  9. In my opinion if someone goes for the preppy look Mulberry is perfect,if you go for the ladylike high-end look , Chanel is better,but in the end is all about our preferences, you can't only wear Chanel (some would say that you can try LOL) .I love the Chanel small flap ( i really hope i am gonna get one for my 21 birthday )but i don't like KL at all i guess when someone has his status can feel a little full of himself but the key word here is LITTLE...

    PS : Excuse my english but is not my first language.